You cannot make this craziness up.

After writing 23 fact-filled stories about the gross incompetence, malfeasance and just outright stupidity and criminality demonstrated by Chief of Police Rudy Llanes and much of his Command Staff over the destroyed homicide evidence in the rotting shipping container, the 11 revolvers taken from the Police Property Room, and sundry other illegal and unsavory activities over the last 3 months, you might figure that the Chief would have concluded - even if for no other reason than just for appearance sake - that he might have told his command staff to get their act together and make sure that no further embarrassing incidents took place.

Obviously, he didn't.

Sources in the department have informed me that as many as 47 cars - LET ME REPEAT THAT, AS MANY AS 47 CARS, WERE BURGLARIZED INSIDE THE POLICE AUTO POUND ON SUNDAY NIGHT! - and while the police have not apprehended any suspects, they supposedly do have video of the burglaries as they were taking place.

As retired Police Major Orestes Chavez proved back in December, gaining  access - legally or illegally - to Police Headquarters is not difficult, and obviously, getting illegal access to the auto pound is even less of a problem, given the number of car burglaries in the auto pound that have taken place over the years.  

The photo above is one that I featured in one of my previous stories where I also included a copy of a purchase order for fence repair because of repeated break-ins to the Auto Pound in 2013, 2014

As for the security that is supposed to be in place at Police Headquarters, the below photo taken a few months back of a security guard in the Guard Booth at the back gate of headquarters, just across the street from the Auto Pound, indicates that it's a wonder that instead of breaking into cars, some enterprising thief hasn't broken into headquarters and stolen everything that he could get his hands on.

My bad, that too has happened on several occasions, including guns, drugs, jewelry and who knows what else.

And so, the saga continues.

The Police Chief continues to be a lazy, lying incompetent moron. His Command Staff continue to try to be lazier and more incompetent that he he is, the City Manager will no doubt proclaim that he continues to have complete faith in the Chief, because he's turned out to be a useless asshole who's looking to cash in before his ass gets fired in November, the City Commissioners would rather get caught giving blowjobs at the corner of Biscayne Boulevard and Flagler Street than to grow the balls needed to publicly take the steps to fire the Manager, and the public continues to get screwed by all of these lying weasel fucks.

And me, I'm out of town, and unable to get access to the incident report for this amazing act of criminality. But, because I'm a sharing guy, here's the Miami Police Case Number: 170131-033960.

Let's see if anyone from the "real news media" decides that the taxpayers of Miami deserve to be informed that their police department is so grossly incompetent that someone with more balls that the entire city administration waltzed into the Police Auto Pound and broke in 47 cars and got away with who knows what.

It's Miami, Bitches!