On Friday afternoon, Javier Ortiz, the President of the Miami Police Department's Fraternal Order of Police wrote to Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, asking her to open an investigation into the 11 missing guns that the Crespogram Report has been writing about exclusively since October 19.

From the tone of the letter which includes the observation that the FOP is in disagreement with the way in which the investigation is being handled, one can assume that this implies that in usual Miami Police Department fashion, there is an effort to engage in a coverup.

Here is the letter.

I believe that Fernandez-Rundle, who has her own conflicts of interest with the Department and with Llanes over the destruction of the homicide evidence, plus the fact that City of Miami Police Officers are assigned to the Public Corruption Unit, should turn this investigation over to the FDLE.

It will be interesting to see whether she does.

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