It looks like there's a real pissing match brewing between City Manager danny Alfonso and FOP President Javier Ortiz, that's going to carry over into the new year.

A couple days ago Ortiz announced that the FOP would be conducting a No Confidence Vote among the members of the police department sometime in early January, and on Friday afternoon, in what Ortiz is claiming was an effort to "deflect his poor mismanagement" as reflected in Ortiz's notice of the No Confidence Vote, Alfonso fired 3 police officers.

Given the political Ying and Yang that goes on at City Hall, folks are wondering just what is going on behind the scenes regarding what is now beginning to appear as a Tit for Tat exchange of accusations and actions between Alfonso and Ortiz.

It's still to early to speculate just what's going on, but it's never to early to go out and buy some extra popcorn, because 2017 is destined to be a big year for crazy shit happening in Miami, and there are no better champions of crazy that these two guys.

Below is Alfonso's memo to the Mayor and Commissioners, and below that is Ortiz's letter, with attachment. (I just saw that David Smiley at the Herald did a longer story that provides details that I was unable to see from the copy of the backup documents I got. You can read his story HERE.)