Homicide Container Replacement Time Line

September 18, 2012

•A Contract estimate from Mobile Mini Accounts Receivable was obtained reference the purchase of two 40ft Portable Containers (Model 40ZS 40' Standard Tri door) with specification each valued at $16,625 X 2 = $33,250 “to store evidence and property f or homicide case “.  

September 25, 2012

•Pursuant to the City Manager's purchasing and budget freeze memorandum dated Jan 6, 2012, The Homicide Criminal Investigation Division filed a Purchasing Freeze Justification form to the Department Director Chief of Police Manuel Orosa in order to justify the urgent approval purchase of two 40ft portable containers (Model 40ZS 40' Standard Tri door) valued at $33,250.

•Explain purpose and Urgency

“The storage units that are currently in the property unit are severely showing signs of structural deterioration, causing stored evidence and property to become damaged or destroyed.  The deterioration is in the form of rusted gaps, allowing rainwater to enter the storage bin causing the wooden floors to rot. Additionally, the A/C unit is old and not working properly which affects the climate of stored evidence/property.”

•Indicate consequences/ramification if expenditure is not incurred

“The evidence/property stored in this bin are all related to City of Miami Homicides cases. If any of this evidence is destroyed and not acceptable during a court case, this can be grave consequences if not addressed immediately.”

September 26, 2012

•Administration Assistant Chief Llanes approves purchase order for 2 Portable Containers $33,250.

November 9, 2012

•Chief Manuel Orosa Affidavit to purchase 2 Portable Containers not to exceed $33,250.

November 15, 2012

•Procurement approved purchase for two 40ft portable container (Model 40ZS 40' Standard Tri door) $33,250.

November 18, 2012

•Administration Assistant Chief Rodolfo Llanes approves from Procurement two 40ft Portable Containers (Model 40ZS 40' Standard) for $10,328.

March 29, 2013

•Communication on Specification of work for portable homicide container (Model 40ZS 40' Standard Tri door) between Carlos Hernandez Budget Unit and Martin Garcia Office of Emergency Management attaching scope of work needed for container (requisition #85270).

May 10, 2013

•Mobile Mini submitted the only bid.  City began to negotiate with the Mobile Mini rep Mr. Paul Gryniewicz as the sole bidder for better pricing or re-bid the solicitation whichever is in the best interest of the city.  Kenneth Robertson Chief Procurement gave a Best and Final Offer for each 40ft portable container for $4,600 and a $328 installation charge (includes removal and disposal of one existing trailer) Total $9,528.

May 16, 2013

•Purchase Order #1306280 for two 40ft portable container (Model 40ZS 40' Standard TRI Door) Total $9,528.

June 17, 2013

•Lt. Amato Memo “The bin containing homicide evidence is due for replacement and is scheduled to take place at the end of July 2013. This will include improvements to lights in this area only and additional fence reinforcement for NW 5 Street section. In order to improve the lighting we will be required to break away from the I-95 electrical source.  The cost of an independent electrical source will be $175,000.”

July 18, 2013

•Email from Martin Garcia to Sergeant Robert Marana attaching a copy of a Purchase Order # 1306280 for two 40ft portable containers 40' Standard TRI door from Mobile mini for a total $9,528.

December 13, 2013

•Staff Inspection Report from Assistant Chief of Administration to Chief of Police Manuel Orosa. “On September 20, 2013, The Inspection Unit conducted an unannounced inspection of the property unit.  The current storage containers for homicide evidence are due for replacement and two replacement containers were purchased and will be installed in Mid-January of 2014.  This was noted last year during the inspection on July 25, 2012.  This project required a bid process and several purchase orders and coordination with vendors fencing and electrical to complete this task.  The warehouse used for storing illegal drugs need the ventilation system repaired, without the proper ventilation and air conditioning it is a potential health hazard to the employees from the fumes emanating from the drugs.  This is the same deficiency that was reported during the inspection on November 3, 2011 and July 25, 2012.  The funding that was going to be used last year was part of a grant that was not approved. The auto pound has a problem with burglaries and theft to the vehicles in the compound.  The theft are occurring at night, when no one is on site, the offender(s) cut the surrounding fence to gain access to the property. Since the last inspection on July 25, 2012, there have been eight (8) incidents.  Several cameras and four video monitors are not working.  This problem prevents the supervisors from watching over the various areas of the unit.”

December 27, 2013

•Staff Inspection Report from Administration Assistant Chief Jorge Gomez to Chief Manuel Orosa containers, “The current bin containing homicide evidence is due for replacement and two 40ft replacement were purchased and will be installed in Mid-January 2014.”

March 5, 2015

•Purchase order request from Property Sergeant Robert Marana two 40ft Portable Containers (Model 40ZS 40ft Standard TRI Door) with Specifications $35,972.

May 7, 2015

•Email from Sergeant Robert Marana to Property Lieutenant Amato Gladys “Please view the attached photographs so you can see the deterioration of the homicide connex underneath i-95.  I'm requesting the replacement of the connex ASAP as the evidence is compromised due to weather, being eaten by rats, raccoons and possums”.

June 16, 2015

•Email from Tom Naylor to Sergeant Robert Marana no longer does modifications.  

June 22, 2015

•Purchase request for two 40ft portable container (Model 40ZS 40' TRI Door) for total cost $35,972 As per Chief of Police Llanes use General Funds. Justification Comments - “The storage units that are currently in the Property unit      are severely showing signs of structural deterioration, causing stored evidence/property to become damaged or destroyed.  The deterioration is in the form of rusted gaps, allowing rainwater to enter the storage bin causing the wooden floors to rot.  Additionally, the A/C is old and not working properly which affects the climate of the stored evidence/property”. Date delivery required ASAP.

July 22, 2015

•Tom Naylor Government Account Manager from Phoenix Arizona provides Quote # 2987806 7/22/15-7806-2 Storage Container Custom unit price on 40ft portable container TRI Cam Locking $17,986 x 2 = $35,972.  

December 11, 2015

•Procurement Market Research Soliciting Competition.          

December 14, 2015

•Specification request from Anthony Hanson in procurement to Sergeant Robert Marana.  

December 15, 2015

•Response of Specification from Sergeant Robert Marana to Anthony Hansen in procurement.  

December 31, 2015

Email from Sergeant Robert Marana, “If the 5 ton A/C is considered an overkill by the associated vendors then I am fine with their recommendation of 3-4 to A/C.  The 5 ton was specified several years ago when the project initially started”.

January 11, 2016

•City of Miami Invitation for Bid on Containers.  

January 26, 2016

•Procurement emails an invitation reminder to all bidders - closing on January 2016 at 2pm with a posted addendum #2.

January 27, 2016

•One bid was submitted and tabulated. Procurement is recommending award to the sole responsive bidder per bid specification contract amount is $65,700 for two 40ft Portable Container.  

January 28, 2016

•Email from procurement Hansen Anthony attaching letter to Tom Naylor Mobile Mini requesting firm Best and Final offer from City Director of Procurement Annie Perez to purchase two 40ft Portable Containers unit value price each  $37,227 for a total of $74,454.  Tom Naylor counter offers with a purchase of used 40ft containers each listed for $30,041 along with attached list of specifications to include adjustable steel shelving on both sides, removable diamond plate non-skip ramp, insulated walls and ceiling cover with ½'' plywood and a upgrade 10,000 btu A/C or a New one Trip container for $32,850 X 2 Containers = $65,700.                

January 29, 2016

•Sgt Robert Marana email 7:37am to Anthony Hansen Procurement Contracting Officer, “What was the companies' response to the increase in cost?  Is this cost going to be covered by the budget, which I believe Chief Gomez budgeted $50,000?” 8:24 am Anthony Hansen replies, “The best and final offer will be the companies' response.  Once I receive it will forward to you, however, try not to email Tom Naylor at Mobile Mini when you are referring to budget and stuff such as that.”  

Tom Naylor Mobile Mine email 10:07am response, “I'm in contact with our vendor that supplied us with quotes this year and last year, when I received this year's quote I questioned the increase right away.  The differences are this year the interior walls and ceiling are being studded, insulated and cover with ½ plywood and painted.  The shelves are steel this year last year were wood”. 2:01pm email from Sergeant Robert Marana to Property Major Oreste Chavez. “I have serious concerns in the issues of price.  In no way do I support the city paying this amount for the units. I have all the documents to support why and all I wanted to do was get the originally specified containers.  This purchase has become a debacle as none of the vendors came to bid and got clear specification on what was needed.”  6:01pm email from Major Oreste Chavez to Sergeant Marana, “I agree that the price has increased by considerable amount.  However, I am not in the container purchasing business and unfortunately as time goes by, prices are raised.

February 8, 2016

•10:32am Anthony Hansen from procurement email Property Major Oreste Chavez agreement best and final price offer,” Please let me know whether or not proceed with the processing the attached best and final offer”.  11:42 Major Oreste Chavez replies, “If this is the best offer, I believe we should move on this.  We can't afford to lose more time in this issue and desperately need ASAP.     

February 9, 2016  

•3:37pm Anthony Hanson from procurement email Property Major Oreste Chavez and Sergeant Robert Marana. “Requisition 122921 is being returned for revision.  Attached is the Bid Tabulation for IFB 553380 to provide two storage containers by Mobile Mini.  Please change the price to match the bid tab ($32,850 per each 40ft portable container) and resubmit for Approval. Total New Purchase Price $65,700.  

March 24, 2016

•Notation purchase of 40ft Portable Container “Will be hold until mid-year items are approved.”  

Aug 01, 2016

•Procurement purchase order #1606668 for two 40ft Portable Container Total $65,000.  

September 1-2 2016

•Email from Mobile Mini on delivery of two 40ft portable container.

September 22, 2016

•Two 40ft portable container Delivered by Land and Sea Equipment but NOT CORRECTLY INSPECTED. NO ADJUSTABLE STEEL SHELVING, CONTAINER MANUFACTORING PLATE PAINTED OVER AND UNABLE TO CONFIRMED MANUFACTORING DATE. UNKNOWN IF THE CORRECT A/C UNIT TON DELIVERED.  Also unable to verify Container serial Numbers #402845-7 and 402860-5     

November 10, 2016

•Email from local Land and Sea Equipment Jon Simpkins providing estimate on four additional and future containers the departments looking to purchase.  Each Container costing $28,868.




JANUARY 10, 2017

This timeline was prepared by a conscientious public employee.