This one was posted right after the City Commission tried to fire him, and it's obvious that the Commissioners were "The Devil," and he was "The Warrior."

Of course the Commissioners aren't devils, and he's no warrior.

Since then, Alfonso seems to have really gone off the deep end with these motivational Twitter posts.  Below is a screen grab that I took of what he posted on Saturday.  Since then, he's posted 6 more.

You got to wonder how much time Alfonso is spending on his computer searching around looking for these motivational sayings, and more importantly, who is he doing this for?  He's got 1,258 Twitter followers, and it's doubtful that a whole lot of those folks are sitting around breathlessly waiting for the next inspirational Twitter from Alfonso to help motivate them into being a better person or city employee.

A good manager knows that sometimes less is more, but in this case Alfonso's compulsive need to post these sayings on his Twitter page seems to be less an effort to motivate city employees and more of a personal conversation that he's having with himself.

Here's a little suggestion Danny. Your predecessor Johnny "The Doormat" Martinez managed to work himself into a heart attack and a stroke trying to deal with Regalado and his corrupt and occasionally criminal schemes.

Since you've got less than a year left before you'll be replaced - let's face it no matter who the next Mayor is, you're gonna be replaced - why don't you make a New Year's resolution to look in the mirror every morning before you leave the house, and tell yourself that your goal that day is not to be a lying weasel on behalf of Regalado, but to do what's right and honorable for the citizens of Miami.

If you do that, you won't have to spend all the time that you're obviously spending looking for these motivational sayings, and people will quit wondering whether you're loosing your mind over this stuff.

Merry Christmas

There are some administrators and managers who believe a key to motivating their employees is to provide them with pithy sayings and motivational messages.

Danny Alfonso is one of those kinds of administrators. If you go on his Twitter page you'll see that he posts motivational messages meant to encourage and inspire city employees to do a better job.

Recently though, it seems that Alfonso has started posting messages that seem to be directed more to his own problems and behavior.