DECEMBER 11, 2016

In this case, it appears that when Chavez and his companion were discovered taking boxes from the restricted area of headquarters without any supervision, a call was made for a Supervisor to look into the boxes - because Chavez is the alleged principal subject in the investigation into the theft of the 11 missing revolvers from the Property Room - and that information in turn led to some sort of dispute over who had authorized Chavez and his civilian companion unsupervised access to the Property Room area.

My sources claim that both IA and an FOP rep were called, and that while Chavez was allowed to leave without anyone looking into any of the boxes he and his companion carted out of the building, an investigation is supposedly being conducted on the supposed erasing of the emails.

It was only days ago that I got word that last weekend Chavez and his wife, along with crew members were in the building filming scenes for their TV show, and that like last night's incident, all of the crew members were able to wander around without supervision.

To understand what I mean by the Family and Friends Plan, below is an invoice that I received on behalf of the production company I was working for last year when I arranged for two days of filming at the City of Miami's  Fire Department's Emergency Center on the 10th Floor of the MRC building.

In addition to these costs, we also paid $500 for the location. If the TV show that Chavez and his wife are producing had behaved as ALL the other film productions are required to behave, they would have gone through and received a film permit from the City, and they would have gone through and received off-duty officers to escort them and their crew inside the restricted areas of police headquarters.

It is my understanding that they did none of this, no doubt claiming that the special contract that they received from the City Commission made them exempt.

Burn Notice also had a contract with the city, and they, like every other production continued to have to apply for permits and to go through the Off-Duty Office for off-duty escort cops.

Sources have told the Crespogram that on Saturday night, retired Police Major Orestes Chavez and an unknown civilian male were discovered taking boxes out of police headquarters, and allegedly Chavez was also discovered erasing emails on the computer in what had been his office before his retirement.

While information remains sketchy, Chavez and his unidentified male companion were taking boxes of what is assumed to have been items from his former office: the office where his personal items had remained since his retirement last September so that the office could be used in the telenovela being produced by him and his wife.

Chavez's ability to wander at will within the restricted area of headquarters, or the ability to access the department's computer system should have been terminated the day he retired, but it's no secret that in recent years high ranking officers who are part of the Family and Friends Plan have continued to have unchecked access to both headquarters, and to computers after they've retired.


The Crespogram plans on filing a public record's request for surveillance video of the Property Room to see what it shows, and also a request for any documents that would explain how someone who retired almost 3 months ago was allowed  not only unfettered access to a Restricted Area of Police Headquarters, but the ability to walk out of the building with boxes that might have just contained personal items from his former office, or could have contained the 11 missing revolvers.

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