She also did the same thing in 2013, and reported that her net worth had slightly declined to $49,450.

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"On December 19, 2013, at 830 hours ASA Laura Adams, of the Sexual Battery/Child Abuse Division, reviewed this case file. The facts of this case have  established probable cause to believe that Jerome Starling committed the crime of Lewd and Lascivious Behavior as described by (NAME DELETED) positively identied Jerome Starling as the offender. Jerome Starling can be located and arrested at this time. but for the fact that ASA Laura Starling states that her office will not be able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, due to insufficient evidence, the statute of limitations and the victim's delayed disclosure. In addition Jerome Starling is a person of notoriety and wealth and is well known in the community. The victim (NAME DELETED) has no credibility as a person convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Therefore, this case is closed  an ECA."