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" Good day!  I would like to report & press charges against Rep. Rev Jerome Starling for sexual assaulting me for years. Since I was 12 years old unto I was 17 years old. I really don't know how to go about doing this I'm very tired of suppressing it acting like it never happened. So I'm just gonna let it come out like it do I'm not ashamed nor afraid anymore. It all started back in "1991" when I ran away from home due to my stepdad get drunk & put his hands on me. I was at the store "Top Value" by the mall omni when I first met Jerome he pulled up on his bike and ask me what I was doing outside this late by myself. I told him I ran away from home and he ask me why & I told him then he asked me where I stay at I told him. Then he told me he not leaving me in these streets like this by myself to get on the handle bars he took me to the store he said he owned on eleven street & 2ave with an older dude name Mr. Willie. He fed me and told me to tell Mr. Willie I was his (DELETED). Later that nite me and Jerome walked down the street to overtown metrorail and Jerome called a cab for us. We ended up at Bayside motel on 51 St and Biscayne Blvd. Once we was inside the room he told me to go take a shower he no I tired which I did. he was in one bed and I was in the other but when I woke up later that nite he was in the bed with me playing with my (DELETED) and his. I tried to get up he pushed me back down telling me to relax. I told him to stop. Then he made me take shower with him he was hugging me from the back grinding on my butt. When we got out the shower he told me if I told anyone he was gonna have me and them killed. That it aint really nothing wrong with (DELETED) playing with each other. I ended up staying with him and he spoiled me with video games cloths shoes. Its just so much more my life & mentally scared me. It's so much more and Im highly willing & desirious to show the world the monster Jerome Starling is. He got everyone fooled even Katherine Fernandez. Please send someone to talk to me. thankyou."