DECEMBER 6, 2016

Last week, I said that I would write an editorial story to go along with last week's story about the abysmal way in which the Miami Police Department has been managing their property and evidence storage area under the I-95 Overpass.

That was before the agenda for this week's Commission came out revealing that Commissioner Frank Carollo had requested a Discussion Item be put on the agenda.  It's the last item on the last agenda of the year, which means that most people won't be paying attention, no matter what gets said.

I certainly don't want to step on the Commissioner's shoes, and like many of you I'm curious as to just what Frank wants to discuss with his fellow Commissioners, or what any of them have to say about all the recent revelations of incompetence and gross mismanagement, and who knows, maybe even the Chief with take a turn at the podium to dazzle and baffle and bullshit the Commissioners.

No matter what, it makes no sense for me to wade in today with information that might make anything that Frank and his fellow Commissioners want to discuss irrelevant.

That seems to have already been done by the Chief, who in recent days has been jokingly telling anyone within earshot that he's not going anywhere.

I would agree that in the short run the Chief is well protected and safe thanks to City Manager Danny Alfonso and City Commissioner Francis Suarez, but after the first of the year - and this has absolutely nothing to do with the CIP investigations or anything else so far revealed - the Chief and his department are going to find themselves passengers on a new train destined to go over a cliff because even hubris has it's limits.

In the meantime, let me direct your attention to the photo above which illustrates what it means to move furniture around on the deck of a sinking ship.

The department went out and brought some fancy bio-hazard garbage containers - above - and someone else ordered that the freezer that holds the Rape Kits be moved from one unprotected site under the Overpass, to another unprotected site under the Overpass.

At the same time, the missing guns - which now turn out to be 11 missing guns and not 9 - are still missing, and retired Major Chavez's office is still locked up waiting to play it's supporting role in the telenovela, and of course the destroyed homicide evidence is still destroyed, and the Chief of Police is still refusing to provide me with a list of the cases impacted by his gross incompetence.

More importantly, I'd like to direct your attention to another discussion item that will come up at Thursday's Commission meeting, and that is one that deals with the gangster ripoffs that citizens and visitors to Miami are subjected to by the towing companys under contract to the city.

In October of 2015, I did a story based on a report done by the city's Independent Auditor that revealed just what a gangster operation these towing companies were running, and how the Miami Police Department - yeah, I know, you're shocked that this is another example of just how incompetent and perhaps corrupt the police department is - had failed to monitor the program.

Well, my story was written in October of 2015, and this is now December of 2016, so if you're wondering why this would be coming up for discussion before the City Commission now, it is that the citizens and visitors to the Magic City are still being ripped off by the towing companies, and I know you'll be absolutely shocked to learn this, but the Police Department has yet to complete the changes that would put an end to these ripoffs.

Let's see, the towing companies aren't being properly monitored by the MPD; the MPD Off-Duty Office is not operating like it supposed to; guns were stolen from the MPD Property Room, evidence in 542 murder cases was destroyed, and there's slipshod and gross mismanagement and abuse of power running rampant throughout the police department.

And none of this includes NEW STORIES about NEW ISSUES and ABUSES that I've yet had time to write about.

You need to appreciate that when it comes to the management of the Miami Police Department by Chief Rudy LLanes the stupid shit never stops.

Here is a letter that was sent out by the FOP to its membership a week ago about the new way that the department wants it's officers to participate in mandatory training.

Imagine if you were told by your bosses that you had to take a lot of supposed mandated training in order to keep your job, and then were told that you had to take that training by watching videos in your car? Not in an office, or at home, BUT IN YOUR CAR DURING WORKING HOURS!

Meanwhile, in the exalted world of the Chief and his top echelon they are flying around the country partaking of  all-expense paid training seminars -  paid for by the taxpayers.

Mind you, they're not traveling around to these seminars because any of these bozos have an interest in using that knowledge to make improvements to the operation and management of the Miami Police Department - what's happened to the department is evidence of that -  but because all of them are eyeing their upcoming retirement and looking for all the resume enhancers they can get so that they can get a fancy private sector job somewhere else.

It's Miami, Bitches!