Unfortunately, the web design program that I've used for the last 7 years doesn't allow for a comment section, so every once in a while when I get correspondence from one of my readers that I think worth passing along.  Note, I don't make a habit of it because this is my blog, and since I don't get paid to write it, I tend to figure that folks who got an axe to grind, or a whole lot to say can do what I do, publish your own blog.

Here is a copy of a hand delivered letter to the Village Council and administration written by Robert Menge, who lives in the little enclave at the northeast corner of the Village.

Even though I can't post comments, in writing about the Village there are several facebook pages, and a Next Door bulliten board where folks can, and already have started to comment on my stories.  

Shores Motel Letter by al_crespo on Scribd