It seems that things have not necessarily been going well for Chavez since he was last seen at Police Headquarters hauling out his personal property on a Saturday night in December.

The word coming out of the department is that Chavez went before the police's department's 1% Pension Board this week in an effort to cash out the $300,000 he had accumulated in the pension fund, and the board refused to give him the money.

I have no word on why they refused to give him the money, but Chavez has long been alleged to have been the person who walked out of the Property Room - he was at the time the Mayor in charge of Property - with the 11 missing revolvers - the original count was 9 missing revolvers, but was changed to 11 when additional paperwork was discovered - which has been under investigation by the FDLE since December.

This case, and the accompanying story about how the police department under the leadership of current Chief Rudy Llanes managed to allow evidence in almost 200 murder cases to be damaged and/or destroyed, and how the Miami-Dade State Attorney has yet been made to respond to how this revelation has impacted those cases once again reveals how selective the State Attorney is when it comes to providing political cover for the Regalado administration, because unlike the occasional cases of bad cops caught misbehaving, the evidence in this case points to gross mismanagement that has had a real impact on the family of those folks whose loved ones were murdered from obtaining justice.

Her behavior has gotten so bad that even folks with the Miami-Dade Democratice Party want her to resign over the treatment of the case involving the death of Darren Rainey in the shower of the state prison in Florida City.

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