Your really can't make this stupid shit up, even on drugs, but then again, this is Miami. Bitches!, where crazy is the default when it comes to social behavior.

Here is the message that the moderator posted this morning after a day of exchanges between me and a small group of folks went at it over the First Amendment and their desire to 'take back their page.'.

Dear Ms. McCoy,

I read with interest that you banned me, but didn't have the courtesy or class to either send me a personal note, or mention my name in your message. 

I find it, and I'm sure that my regular readers will also find it hilarious and a sign of the times that the MIAMI SHORES VILLAGE PEOPLE, the LGBT Facebook page for Miami Shores banned me for being "contentious," when the public existence of the LGBT community today is largely the result of the "contentious" members of that community who went out into the streets in New York to fight the police in what has now become known as the Stonewall Riots, and that perhaps one of the most "contentious" public figures in recent American history, Larry Kramer, made it possible for many of you, even here is little Miami Shores to be alive today as a result of his "contentious" demand that the AID's epidemic be dealt with as a disease instead of a social stigma.

But, times change, and now it seems you, and some - certainly not all - of the local members of the LGBT community have decided that someone who writes about public corruption in the Village and dared to post notices of those stories on your "social site" is is no longer welcome , although folks who peddle any number of nostrums are.

While I would challenge that it was not I who has been "contentious," I've been, as the saying goes, been thrown out of far better saloons in my time.

However, in doing so you have made a serious and untrue claim that not only do I have several Facebook pages, but that they include "two ID's with different headshots," which obviously from a style sense must have disturbed your sensibilities to no end.

Worse in your eyes is that one of those websites "was ghostwritten by another person."

That, my dear is a aspersion gone too far. No one has ever "ghostwritten" anything that has been published under my name. Like so much else that you and your friends seem to grasp as facts, this allegation is 100% untrue! 

Therefore, unless you are prepared to defend that allegation in Federal Court, I would suggest that you revisit that allegation and issue me an apology - making sure to include my name, and posting it on every single Facebook page that caters to the Village, as well as reach out to Facebook and notify them that they need to maintain all of the posts and comments that I posted on your Facebook page, because I might be a nice guy, but I'm not someone to trifle with!

Al Crespo

This is my response.