JUNE 23, 2017

Dear Ken,

I'm going to make this short and not necessarily sweet, because today's incident where City Attorney Victoria Mendez disrespected you, shows that even though you've now been on the Commission for a year and a half, you still haven't figured out that you're a gold fish swimming with piranhas.

Yes, you've made some good decisions, and yes, when your staff writes out your speeches and talking points you've managed to sound like you know what you're talking about, but let someone say anything that you've not been prepped to respond to, and you becoming a bumbling moron.

Take what happened at today's Commission meeting when you raised the issue about how the City Attorney had on her own, behind the Commission's back hired a private law firm to represent the city over the Flagstone issue, along with filing a motion to Compel Arbitration.

These are two issues that I addressed in a story yesterday, and if folks who read this didn't read that, they can find that story HERE.

Anyhow, you no sooner opened your mouth than Victoria Mendez bitched slapped you by telling you that because you weren't a lawyer, you didn't know what you were talking about.

She not only did it nasty, but she also did it with glee. And, she just didn't say once that you didn't know what you were talking about because "you don't have a law degree," she went on and said it a couple times.

What was your response? After wishing that Commissioner Suarez was there  to protect you - which by the way why wasn't he there - you told Mendez that, " I guess I have to get up to speed faster."

That was a bullshit answer by an amateur who still doesn't understand that you keep wanting to play nice with a group of people who, thanks to your past behavior, and the behavior of Eleazar Melendez, your former Chief of Staff, have come to dislike you and look for every opportunity to stick in knife in your back - the efforts by Frank Carollo wanting to make you agree to give him and his Bayfront Park Trust $2 million a year from the OMNI CRA - is just one example of how behind closed doors he, the City Manager and others have been manhandling you.

You tried to get Mendez fired last year - remember that,  because she hasn't - and it's obvious that she has no intention of forgiving or forgetting.

Every opportunity she gets to ridicule you and make you look like a lightweight she's going to take, and today, if she had had a dick, she'd have slapped you in the face with it.

My feeling have nothing to do with you personally - although I have to admit that I am sorely disappointed in just how opportunistic and lightweight you've turned out to be - I never expected you to be a rocket scientist, but I also never expected that within months of being elected you would start seriously considering what office you wanted to run for next, and now that you've settled on a possible run for Congress I got to say that the poor, fucked over citizens of Miami don't need a lightweight like you in Congress.

Why am I pissed?  I'm pissed because I hated seeing Mendez do what she did to you today. Not because it was you, but because in principle I hate to see someone who has fucked over so many people over public records and other bullshit get away with the shit she said to you.

You see, if you were a big boy, and had the political smarts that you obviously don't have, and probably never will, when she started talking about how you were an idiot that didn't know what you were talking about because you never went to law school, what you should have said, and what anyone who knows how to defend themselves in a political fight would have said, was:

"Madam attorney, you're right. I don't have a law degree, but I do have one thing that you don't.  I was the one elected by the citizens to sit on this dais, and that means that I, and not you, is the one entitled to make the decisions around here.  You are an employee, and you work for me and my fellow Commissioners.  Your job is not to be a smart ass and disrespect me, but to inform me and provide guidance to help me make better decisions. Do I make myself clear!".

If you can't defend yourself against a bullshit municipal lawyer in Miami, what the hell do you think will happen to you in Washington were you ever to be elected?

They'd eat you alive on the first day!  

So here's the deal "Selfie Boy." Your failure to defend yourself against Mendez today only strengthens my belief that you are barely qualified to be a City Commissioner, regardless of all your green initiatives, bike paths, and koombiya feel good ideas, and that you are absolutely unqualified or prepared to be a United States Congressman.

Al crespo