As a private citizen there is nothing illegal in her receiving free rent from the Milton brothers - as long as the IRS is notified - but given the fact that Daddy is an elected official, and that he has been publicly identified as doing favors for the Milton's and their development projects during his time as Mayor, the possibility that Raquelita might be living rent free a couple floors above Daddy as part of the Miami politicians Family and Friends Plan should be at  worthy of a little opposition research by her opponents in the Congressional race, especially since a question that seems to come up whenever her name is mentioned is how is she managing to maintain the lifestyle she does, with two kids, and no visible means of support other than child support?

In December of 2015 when she filed to run for County Mayor she was required to file a financial disclosure form that revealed that her net worth at that time was $7500.

Financially, things cannot have greatly improved for her since then because she spent almost all of 2016 campaigning for Mayor, and since then she's more or less been at her father's side campaigning for what some believed would first be a run for Mayor of Miami, and now it turns out for Congress.

One of the reasons that Raquel Regalado lost to Carlos Gimenez in last year's race for County Mayor was the fact that after crafting an image of being the dutiful, fawning daughter of Daddy Regalado, her actions on the campaign trail revealed that she was pretty much batshit crazy and capable of telling any lie, or engaging in any stupid act that she figured might give her an edge in that race.

The Regalado's have long been a family of grifters, and my story a couple months ago that Daddy Regalado and his wife had allegedly been living rent free in a luxury apartment for going on two years was the latest example of the behavior of a gang of free loaders who have no problem in exploiting any opportunity to enrich themselves at the taxpayers expense.

When queried by David Smiley of the Miami Herald about my questioning his living accommodations, Regalado replied:

Does anyone really believe that after all the shit I've thrown at Regalado over the last 8 years that if in fact my questions and allegations were a lie that Regalado not only would have made copies of all of the canceled checks showing that he had paid rent, but that he would have called a press conference at City Hall, held the checks up, and told everyone present that:

          "That loudmouthed asshole Crespo is a liar, here are the checks,

          and he can stick them up his ass!"

No one in politics would ever pass up an opportunity to stick it to a critic as vocal as I have been, but the fact that he chose to pass tell you all you need to know about Regalado and wifey living rent free in that luxury apartment.

Which brings us to Raquelita.

Last week I looked over Tommy Jr.'s campaign finance report for July and saw that his sister had given him $200.00.  Given that she's better known for taking money from Daddy's campaigns, the fact that she was donating money to a campaign was indeed a rare occurrence.

More importantly, as you will see below, she is listed as living at 1850 SW 36th Avenue.  That's the house that she was renting last year when I did my series about her Homestead Exemption Fraud.

The only problem with this is that on July 13th, Raquelita was not living at this address.  She had moved out and moved over to 987 SW 37th Avenue, Apartment 909, so as to be closer to Daddy.

Because Raquelita had moved into the same luxury apartment building that Daddy and Step-Mommy live in before she gave her campaign donation to her brother, this means that Tommy Jr. is carrying on the family tradition of filing inaccurate campaign reports. Whether it's because he didn't know where his sister lives, or whether it was an attempt to shield this information so as to try and evade a story like this, is something that others will have to determine.  

On July 28th, I followed up by going to the Miami-Dade County Board of Elections and getting a copy of her voter registration information that showed that she had changed her address, although it did not provide the actual date that she did so, but again, that is information that should be available to anyone conducting an investigation of Tommy Jr's campaign finance reports.

And so the saga continues. Will Raquelita hold a press conference, wave her canceled checks and call me an asshole, or like Daddy, will she claim that that is beneath her, and continue the Regalado tradition of lying and trying to convince folks that shit is a chocolate bar?

It's Miami, Bitches!