As you can see above, included in this list of "friendly" Latin media types were Regalado's daughter Raquel, and his youngest son Jose, because what good is it to be able to fly ass kissers around to write smoochie shit about you, if you can't include the kids.

The idea of flying off to foreign countries obviously appealed to Ana Cristina, because in September, shortly after she returned from a junket she took with Regalado to Argentina - she went to Spain with America TeVe 41 reporter Adriana Navarro - whose from Spain - and cameraman Luis Alberto Porras, to produce a series of travelogues promoting the Providence of Cuenca, which includes the city of La Mancha, the site of the book by Miguel Cervantes, about the adventures of Don Quixote.

The travelogue starts airing on America TeVe 41 tonight.

Now, there's nothing wrong with the wife/girlfriend of a politician having a career or a life separate from the political life of her husband/boyfriend, but in this case Carrodeguas, who, based on her own accounting of her previous employment on the website above never had any experience working in television in any capacity, but that doesn't seem to have created a concern for the folks at America TeVe 41, who gave her Producer credit on these travelogues.

This is actually a pretty astounding photograph of unethical journalistic behavior on the part of the wife/girlfriend of the Mayor of Miami giving a Key To The City to a foreign government official at the same time that she's supposedly on the payroll of a television company as a producer on assignment.

I was curious enough about the implications of this photograph that I sent an email to the General Manager, Human and Resources Director and another high level employee of America TeVe 41 this morning, along with a copy of this photograph, asking them to explain just what the deal was between Carrodeguas and the station, and who paid for this trip.

Carrodeguas also seems to have exploited her supposed role as The First Lady At Miami City Hall, because here is a photo that appeared on a Spanish website showing Carrodeguas and Adriana Navarro after they presented a Key To The City Of Miami to Benjamin Prieto, whose position is equivalent to being the County Mayor of Cuenca.  

Since this is Miami, where its obvious that some of the latin news media are all too willing to take free junkets arranged for by politicians, while they and others refuse to report on stories that are embarrassing to these same politicians, then why should you be surprised to learn that no one from America TeVe 41 responded to my questions.

That doesn't make them worthy of ignoring because anytime that an alleged wife, or girlfriend of the Mayor of Miami sticks a Key To The City in her purse as a trinket to hand out while she's supposedly employed by a privateTV station, that should raise eyebrows, if not concern about just how many of these Keys To The City are being passed out overseas when no one in Miami is supposed to be looking.

The other questionable issue is who paid for this travel?

I doubt very seriously that America TeVe 41 thought that sending a reporter and cameraman to Spain to do a travelogue promoting Spanish tourism was a project that they would consider a high priority to fund, so as always, this becomes a story about following the money?  

Maybe in the next episode of this series on the wonders of Spain that America TeVe 41 does, they might want to consider checking in on Regalado's "friend for life" Luis Pineda, and see how he's doing, and then check and see if the Milton brothers have any luxury apartments in Spain that Regalado and Ana Cristina can move into.

I hear that Spain is considered a safe place for politicians worried about being extradited for the nasty shit they did in office.

It's Miami, Bitches!

Throughout the year I've been writing about all the trips that Tomas Regalado and his maybe wife, Ana Cristina Carrodeguas - who on both official government documents and social media sites refuses to include Regalado as part of her name - took to places like Mexico, Panama, Argentina, and especially Spain.

They went to Spain at least 4-5 times in the last two years, and at least one trip was paid for by an accused extortionist named Luis Pineda,who was put under house arrest shortly after Regalado's visit last year.

I also wrote how Carrodeguas showed up as one of three principals in a non-profit corporation formed in October of 2015, allegedly to provide support for the Mayor's International Council, which Regalado and and a handful of cronies seemed to be using as a front to travel around the world under the guise of promoting Miami through the Sister Cities program.

As part of my story that detailed the story of Luis Pineda - which was actually about Regalado and Carrodeguas allegedly living rent free in a luxury apartment for the last 2 years - I also included information of how Regalado, and his then Communication's Director Angel Zayon, arranged for an all expense 5-day free junket for a handful of friendly Latin TV and radio reporters to accompany Regalado, Carrodeguas, Commissioner Willie Gort and his wife and Zayon to Merita, Mexico in 2014.