After my story broke, the Miami Herald followed up and, "a spokeswoman" for The Related Group told David Smiley that an assistant had committed a "clerical error, and a formal correction was sent out the same day."

Of course there was no copy of this supposed "formal correction" provided to the Herald, so we don't know what it said, but we now know how much money Frankie raised for his non-existent reelection campaign from this effort: $107,000.

Just because a politician in Miami has termed out doesn't mean that they can't raise big bucks for a non-existent reelection campaign. After all, dead people have been known to vote in Miami, so  anything is possible when it comes to politics in the Magic City.  

If you recall, a couple weeks ago I broke the news that The Related Group was trolling for folks to donate money to Frank Carollo's reelection campaign for his District 3 Commission seat, even though he had termed out and was inenligible to run again.

$107,000 in donationsis a pretty good haul for a politician whose not running for anything, and only supports my original claim that Frankie - who hasn't the skills or political machine to run for Mayor - is really acting as a beard for the campaign of County Commisisoner Bruno Barrerio's wife Zoraida, whose running against Frank's older brother Joe for the District 3 seat.

If Shakespeare were alive today, he would live in Miami and not in London, because this is the epiceter for the best stories of political treachery, backstabbing and double-dealing.

It's why I keeping saying,

It's Miami, Bitches!