NOVEMBER 5, 2017

Lost to the liberal elites and many of the other haters of Donald Trump is the fact that many, if not a majority of his supporters probably first inherited their abiding distaste and dislike of government at the local level.

Long before Trump came along to galvanize the various groups of citizens who harbored a growing hatred and distrust in their heart for government, many of those people had formed their opinions about the evils of government at the local level.

Arrogant, insolent and non-responsive municipal governments in America have done more to radicalize and turn many otherwise average lawbiding citizens into anti-government zealots than all the ravings that a dozen Donald Trumps could ever accomplish.

In Miami, the city that many claim is what America is destined to look like in 20 or 30 more years, municipal government controlled by Cuban politicians over the last 25 years produced an almost continual display of municipal malfeasance that included almost daily examples of everything from attempted bribery, abuse of power, misuse of public money, and all matter of chicanery that cumulatively provided more than enough justification for storming City Halls in cities Miami, Hialeah, Sweetwarer  and Miami-Dade County and chasing the crooks down the street with pitchforks.

Regardless of all of the really serious stories of public corruption that bloggers like myself uncovered during the last decade, our stories were pretty much ignored by the so-called mainstream media because the Miami Herald and local TV and radio stations chose to be very selective in both the stories and the tone they chose to use when it came to reporting on the powerful Cuban politicians who they considered to be their friends and neighbors.

In doing so the local main stream media became enablers and the equivalent of un-indicted co-conspirators in the wholesale levels corruption and chicanery that caused the New York Times in a story about the Miami Herald selling its bayside property and moving to Doral by describing Miami as:

     "a city that produces a limitless number

     of crooked public officials, overeager

     developers and outlandish criminals..."

The New York Times failed to include that a major reason for the "limitless number of crooked public officials," was the shameful protection the Herald had provided Cuban politicians over the years, and how that continues to be a story that merits the kind of scrutiny that could serve as a warning to those cities destined to become like Miami.

Rather than cite any of the dozens of previous examples of how the Miami Herald has dropped to its knees to plant their corporate lips on the ass of the corrupt Cuban politicians, let's focus on last week's editorial endorsement of Francis Suarez as the next Mayor of Miami, and lets start with the last paragraph of that endorsement.

How little it take to impress the morons who write the Herald's editorials.

Integrity had little or nothing to do with Francis Suarez dropping out of the race, and the question that the Miami Herald refused to ask at the time, and now wants to pretend isn't relevant, was, how stupid was Francis Suarez, the son of Xavier Suarez, the only elected official in the history of Miami-Dade County removed from office because of Absentee Ballot Fraud to allow his Campaign Manager and cousin Steve Suarez, and his Operation's Manager Jose Pablo Baggini, to get involved in a scheme that forced them to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges involving Absentee Ballot Fraud?

Nobody in the Suarez camp, including Francis, was worried about running a tainted campaign when they had these teenage girls trolling young male voters to sign up for Absentee Ballots at the Brickell Avenue Street Fair in 2013, which was how this absentee ballot scheme started.

It wasn't only the absentee ballot fiasco that forced Suarez to drop out of the race - the behavior of his receptionist in bad mouthing constituents on Twitter had been another Black Eye event -  but it was the rumor that part of the deal for his cousin Steve Suarez and Juan Pablo Baggini receiving a no jail plea deal was that Francis had to drop out of the race or get charged too was believed by many to be the real reason that he dropped out by holding an impromptu press conference on his front yard, claiming that the news that his wife was pregnant was the real reason he was withdrawing.

By the time that Suarez held his press conference it had become evident  that Tomas Regalado and his dear friend and protector, the corrupt State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, had screwed him, and that thanks to his own incompetence and lack of maturity even a one legged Chicken Chaser in Little Havana could have run against him at that point on the claim that not only was he NOT ready for prime time but that One Absentee Ballot Fraudster, had begotten another Absentee Ballot Fraudster.


More disturbing than the piddle nonsense that the Herald editorial writer proffered as insightful commentary about Suarez's luck, to wit, the claim that, "Suarez is set to assume a city that's on much firmer financial footing that the one he encountered when he was elected to the Commission in 2009," is the reality that thanks in large part to outgoing Mayor Tomas Regalado, Suarez is walking into a shit storm of immense proportions because of the hocus-pocus financial sleight of hand that took place when the City Commission voted to support Regalado's claims of Financial Urgency in 2010 and 2011.

It seems that like a growing number of Miamians, the editorial page writers don't bother to read the Herald either, because if they had, they would have known months before they wrote this crap that the Florida Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that the city was on the hook for all of the money they had taken from the unions when they declared a Financial Urgency.

Days ago, the pension portion of that debt was pegged at a minimum of $213 million - enough to cause the city to go into bankruptcy, and if they manage to avoid that, they won't avoid the massive drain on tax revenue - at a time when the condo bubble is once again beginning to deflate - they do collect that will have to go to repay those benefits.


The biggest joke in this so-called endorsement was the claim that Francis Suarez is not the recipient of dynastic entitlement.

If Francis X. Suarez was named Francis X. Jones, and if he was not the son of Xavier Suarez, he'd have never been elected to the Miami City Commission in the first place, much less managed to run for all intents and purposes unopposed for Mayor of Miami.

Francis Suarez is first and foremost his father's son. and the psychological, political and family ties that bind them are very much at the center of Francis's political life.

Not only have they marched lock step and protected each others back over the time that Xavier has been on the County Commission and Francis on the City Commission, but you can expect Xavier to spend a lot of time in the Mayor's Office, or on the phone with his son once Francis gets sworn in.

While Francis Suarez is personally likable, his political skills are hamstrung by a personality that is risk averse to a degree that will not bode well for the city during his term as Mayor, and the implications for the city of his taking all the campaign money that he has will become apparent as all those people who have ponied up $5000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000 and even $50,000 show up at his door with an expectation that money talks, and bullshit walks.

It does not speak well of Francis Suarez that he raised $2,001,083.79 in his Political Action Committee, and another $1,278,065.58, in his regular campaign account for a total of $3,279,149.50, while his opponents collectively raised -$0- in donations, especially when he could have stopped accepting campaign donations  after the cut off to register as a candidate passed in September, when it became evident that he had for all intents and purposes become the Mayor-Elect at that point.

Instead, Suarez continued to raise tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for both his campaign and PAC accounts, in an act of money grubbing that showed both a lack of class, and that he's raising all this money for partisan political purposes, such as giving donations and campaign support to other politicians, including members of the Miami City Commission - a legalized form of political bribery - all intended to further his goal of becoming a strong Mayor.

As badly as Miami has been managed by the current Weak Mayor/Strong City Manager form of government, the only thing worse that could befall the city would be a strong Mayor with a domineering father in the background looking to settle old grievances and live out the fantasies of an old man who thinks he's smarter than his kid, and a son too weak to stand up to his father.

Miami faces too many other problems to contend with a Cuban version of a Shakespearean drama playing out at City Hall, but there's every possibility that next year could go down as a year that provides a new example of what political disfunction really means, because not only will Suarez have to contend with all of the problems left behind by the grifter Regalado, including the hundreds of millions owned to the Police and Fire Union members, but on a personal level he decided just a couple months ago to take on the responsibilities of moving to a new law firm to pursue a national and internatonal real estate practice.

Who in their right mind does that on the eve of becoming the Mayor of a major American city facing significant financial problems that include the impact of climate change along with the everyday problems of dealing with a city that continues to rank at the bottom of so many metrics used to measure quality of life issues like income inequality?

The only reason that the Herald can claim that Francis Suarez "has earned a shot at the top job," is because no one capable of giving him a run for his money ran against him."

In short, what we have here is a Banana Republic election, in a Banana Republic city with a Banana Republic newspaper trying to convince a gullible public that the piles of brown goo that continues oozing out of City Hall is chocolate and not shit!

It's Miami. Bitches