Below are the Statement Of Financial Interest and Public Disclosure Of Financial Interest form that each member of the Miami City Commission, along with the Mayor, City Attorney and others are required to fill out and submit every year.

The forms below are for 2016. His law firm income should have been included in these reports, but they weren't. In fact, there's no mention either in the section on Primary Income or Secondary Income any mention of Hardemon Law PA.

In the Statement of Financial Interest, there also is no mention of any Real Property owned by Hardemon, yet in the Disclosure Of real Property he claimed to own a piece of property worth $210.000, as well as $20,000 in Household Goods and Personal Effects.

In his 2013, disclosure he indicated that his only asset was a $19,000 car, and he owed $167,000 in student loans TO GSM &R. Four years later, he no longer seems to own a car, and now owes $180,000 on his student loan to the Department Of Education.

I don't know if this is an example of prudent financial mangement and accountability that one would want in a City Commissioner?

What do you think?