She also did the same thing in 2013, and reported that her net worth had slightly declined to $49,450.

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Miami continues to be a place where civic apathy provides a backdrop for so many of the problems that face everyone who lives here.

That was evident on Saturday when about 100 folks came together for the annual protest against the Monsanto Corporation and genetically engineered foods products.

Over the last couple years the turnout for this event has shrunk, and one has to wonder whether this is the resulted of just civic apathy, or whether there needs to be new leadership to provide new energy.

In any event, one should always appreciate the folks willing to stand up on everyone's behalf, and here are photos of some of those folks from this year's protest march, and the gathering at Judd Allison's Toe Jam Studio in Wynwood after the march where Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping made an appearance.