The local Democratic Party has done little in recent years to challenge the claim that they are little more than a collection of ignorant, political hacks and ass kissers, and so, the news that at least some of those folks actually decided to take on the top Democratic elected official in Miami-Dade County is something that should have gotten more news coverage than it has.

A couple days ago the local party's Executive Committee Progressive Council of the Executive Committee condemned Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle for her office's handling of the murder of Darren Rainey in the shower at the South Dade Correctional Facility - recently released photos that show the extent of the body burns that he underwent are absolutely horrific - and called on her to resign "if she cannot pursue justice for all victims of crime, including the most vulnerable."

It's a rare act of courage that should be applauded not only by have been followed by the entire Executive Committee, but wasn't, because local Democrats are pussies controlled by the State Party where Fernandez-Rundle has supporters starting with the new State Party Chairman, it was only the folks on the Progressive Caucus who have enough balls to stand up and say, enough is enough!

As I have repeatedly written, Katerine Fernandez-Rundle is the single most corrupt public official in Miami-Dade County, and her failure to take on public corruption - except of course for the isolated cases invlving small fry politicians so blatantly crooked that their behavior cannot be ignored - has been viewed by a growing number of people in this community as the underlying problem that has allowed public corruption to florish like Kudzu along a backroad in Alabama.

Here is the call for Fernandez-Rundle to resign released by the Miami-Dade Progressive Caucus of Democratic Executive Committee.