Last Friday I got a copy of a press release from the Miami Police Department that announced that they were conducting several Gun Buy Back events next month.

For Crespogram readers, you'll recall that my first story of 2017 was about the unsavory relationship between accused child molester "Reverend" and self-proclaimed multi-millionaire, Jerome Starling - he's the guy that Miami Police Chief Rudy Llanes is draped over in the above photo - and how Starling's supposed noni-profit organization hadn't filed tax returns in 13 years, as well as a whole bunch of the bad news that you can go and read HERE if you are a newcomer to the site.

Like a lot of my stories that deserve wider coverage, no other news media outlet in the city would touch this story, even though I had personally provided David Smiley my copies of the police department's investigative report in 2015 when he told me that he was wanting to do a story on Starling.

Like so many other bits and pieces of information that people over the years have given to reporters at the Miami Herald wth an expectation that they'd use it to inform the public about bad things going on in our community, reporting on an accused child molester that not only had unlimited access to a handful of Miami politicians like Mayor Tomas Regalado, Commissioner Francis Suarez and former Commissioner Marc Sarnoff - all of whom served as the chairman of Starling's annual fund raising gala at the downtown Hyatt Hotel - and who also had unlimited access to Miami Police Department headquarters as well as fraternizing with School Board member Dr Dorothy Bendross Mingdall - she's the one  with the headdress at the left of the photo - who over the years seemed to show up in photos with Starling, and who opened doors for him to operate his Essay About Gun Violence program in the schools in her district.

I say all of this because over the years when I've done serious, well researched and detailed stories that folks expect would be covered by the local news media because of the potential impact that my revelations have exposed - my series on State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle immediately comes to mind - there are folks who ask me why I continue to do what I do if no one is paying attention.

First, a lot more people than many would believe DO PAY ATTENTION - and even though the local news media for whatever reason chooses not to follow up, there are occasions when my stories are so compelling that they have to follow up whether they want to or not, and lastly, I know that my stories do have an impact and do result in changes, and the press release below is a prime example of that.

Whether Chief Rudy Llanes would ever admit it publicly, it was my story in January that forced him cut his, and the department's ties with Starling, and that, at the end of the day is why I continue to do what I do.

It's Miami, Bitches!