The one bet that you'll never loose is betting that Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle only prosecutes Gringos and Blacks on public corruption charges.

Sound racist to you?

It's actually not racist at all. Its an accurate description of who Fernandez-Rundle and her hand-picked Public Corruption attorneys pick and choose to prosecute, and who to leave alone.

In 2012, instead of having her office conduct an investigation against Tomas and Raquel Regalado for the campaign finance misbehavior that occurred during his first run for Mayor, she turned it over to the Ethics Commission, thereby assuring that no criminal charges would ever be filed, even after Joe Centorino, the Executive Director of the Commission was cited in an FDLE Report as having stated that the behavior of  Regalado and his daughter represented an "apparent willful disregard for the rule of law."

It was an all-around nasty piece of business that exposed what goes on behind closed doors and how the laws get manipulated to provide cover for those on the Family and Friends List, and only came to light because the FDLE had initially been involved in the case and the investigative reports generated by the agent involved provided a view into a process that never, ever would have come to light any other way.  You can read my story and all of the FDLE reports HERE.


And even more scummy example of the Family and Friends Plan that provided protection to a fellow Cuban politician was the case of Miami City Commissioner Willy Gort, who received over $18,000 worth of free campaign advertising signs from an outdoor billboard company who had a contract to provide bus benches to the city in return for being able to place advertising signs next to them.

This was a really nasty deal because among other discoveries, in the course of their investigation the FDLE discovered that Willie Gort's campaign treasurer Fausto Alvarez, was alleged to have told his employees to falsify campaign contributions by changing the names of contributors.

Here is a portion of one of the investigative reports that I included in my story about this case. The person being interviewed was Isis Alvarez Herbello - no relation to accountant Fausto Alvarez - who was hired to deal Gort's campaign account.

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The case was summarily closed in December after Special Agent Pomerantz requested permission to access Gort's computer and emails.

The State Attorney's Close Out Memo portrayed the advertising company's placement of dozens of bus signs above and beyond the number that Gort's campaign paid for as, "the standard business practices of Fuel Outdoors," and that there was no evidence to indicate "that the Gort campaign received any special treatment or benefit not otherwise afforded all clients of Fuel Outdoors."

In other words, all politicians get thousands of dollars in in gifts and  free advertising, so why pick on poor Willie.

Of course all of the other evidence of criminal behavior discovered during the investigation, including the allegations of cooking the campaign reports by swapping out names were conveniently swept under the rug.

It should come as no surprise to folks who pay attention to the goings on at Miami City Hall that Fausto Alvarez's wife, Lourdes Alvarez, works for Tomas Regalado, and is the Executive Director of the MSEA Board.  It should also be no surprise that Fausto Alvarez is Tommy Regalado's campaign treasurer.

You know the old saying about birds of a feather...


Katherine Fernandez-Rundle has been in a long term relationship with a Cuban lawyer from Puerto Rico named David Effron - his son is the actor Zack Effron - and that relationship proved to be very lucrative for Fernandez's campaigns during most of their relationship.

Here is a portion of a story that I wrote on July 20, 2012, about Fernandez-Rundle and the crazy amounts of money that was donated to her campaigns from Puerto Ricans after she and Effron became a couple. (All of the links are live.)

If you still think I was racist when I said that Katherine Fernandez-Rundle only went after Gringos and Blacks when it comes to public corruption cases, then name the last high-profile Cuban politician that she prosecuted?

This is Miami, where the Cuban Mafia is alive and well because their chief protector is none other than the State Attorney.

It's Miami, Bitches!