It was only days after she lost the election that the Miami Herald did a story where Raquelita kinda hinted that she had no plans to go "home to bake cookies. I'm not that kind of person."

She laid low over the holidays, but since the supposed polling that showed that brother Tommy couldn't win in District 3, she's resurfaced with a vengeance at Daddy's side, even pushing away Daddy's new wife to make sure that she's got the power spot in a recent photo, and then sending it out herself on Twitter.

Even in the midst of her unsuccessful campaign last year for County Mayor, the conventional wisdom was that she would loose the election against Carlos Gimenez, and then turn and pivot into a race for Mayor of Miami against Francis Suarez.

There were those who didn't believe that this would happen, and that instead she might run for a City Commission seat.

I never thought that would happen because she lives in District 4 where Ralph Rosado has spent the last couple years working to establish himself at the heir apparent, and where he supposedly has the blessing of both Xavier and Francis Suarez, and she couldn't run in District 3, because the 1 year living requirement passed her by.

To me, and to others, the only job that made sense was becoming the Mayor of Miami.

Things got squirrelly when rumors started circulating that older brother, Tommy Regalado was talking about running for the District 3 Commissioner. the possibility that Tommy might run kind of made everyone step back, because having two Regalado's campaigning for public office at the same time, just like having two Carollo's - Joe running for District 3 and Frank running for Mayor - means there's one family member too many on the ballot.

In recent days I've been told that Tommy Regalado, and or his Daddy's friends paid for several polls to see how Tommy would fare against the list that the Miami Herald put together that included Joe Carollo, Alex Dominguez, Alfonso leon, Miguel Soliman, Daniel Suarez and Zoraida Barreiro, the wife of County Commissioner Bruno Barriero. In addition there was Tommy, former District 3 Commissioner Joe Sanchez and former State senator Alez de la Portilla.

Tommy didn't do well. In fact after seeing the first disappointing polls results there was a second poll where Tommy's name was changed to Tomas Regalado, and in that poll he supposedly lost to Joe Carollo by 30 points.

The rumor now is that Tommy is considering running for State Representative next year.

Now, this is all rumors and speculation, but as folks have come to appreciate, my sources are almost always right, and I tend to believe that Tommy Regalado will not run for the District 3 Commission seat.

This opens the door for Raquel, because without Tommy running, she evades all the negative campaign accusations that the she and her brother  think that because their last name is Regalado they're entitled to treat public office in Miami as an entitlement.


For most of her adult life Raquelita managed to glide along in the slipstream of her father's radio and political career. She was the adoring child who was obviously the apple in her father's eye.

Besides the role of adoring daughter, Raquel functioned as a combination backroom political strategist, whose incompetence resulted in her and Daddy having to pay $5000 each to get out from under the numerous campaign finance screwups that occurred when she served as his campaign treasurer in first campaign for Mayor, and then was fined another $3526.28, for her own campaign finance violations when she ran for the School Board in 2010.  

Then of course there was the $3981,78 she had to pay the County Tax Collector to get out from under her Homestead Exemption Fraud, and during this last campaign for County Mayor she got tagged with another $2000 fine from the Florida Elections Commission for allowing a political action committee to "improperly fund a campaign video and website."

It was only after she got on the School Board that Regalado started revealing  that she had hard edges, and at first those edges were exposed in the wake of her taking on policy issues as a way to separate herself from the crowd by taking on public issues such as the building of a new courthouse and the building of a new high school in the downtown area.

Once she became a candidate for Mayor however, the real Raquel Regalado started coming out, and for many, what they saw of the real Raquel Regalado not only alarmed them, but made them realize that she was a really batshit crazy.

Now, that's not my observation, that's basically the observation of a lot of people - she did after all loose by 8 percentage points - including the Miami New Times who named her one of the 12 people who bought deep shame to Miami in 2016.



In the first posting of this story I mistakingly included a copy of a letter which I was originally led to believe had been sent to Raquel regarding her participation in a community meeting over the attempt to close the railroad crossing at 59th street so that Craig Robbins could have another crossing at 42nd street.

It turns out that the Regalado who attended the meeting and was sent the letter works for the FDOT and was not Raquelita.

While the possibility that Raquelita was involved in this meeting was one of the reasons why I and others believe she is planning on running for Mayor, the fact that she wasn't at the meeting doesn't take away the central argument and other evidence that she is.

There is more than the evidence I provided  in this story supporting my argument, and I apologize for my mistake in including the misleading information on the rail crossing meeting.

It's still Miami, Bitches!