This week, the owners of the lease of the property that most of us knew as Chalks Airline on Watson Island filed a lawsuit against the City of Miami.

This isn't the first, nor do I suspect will be the last lawsuit filed against the city for the "dirty deeds done dirt cheap," that were part and parcel of   Regalado's reign as Miami's Gangster Mayor.

In August,  insiders at City Hall and the Police Department were all in a tizzy about what appeared to be an effort by Regalado to have City Manager Danny Alfonso appoint Assistant Police Chief Dennis "Lexus" Jackson to replace outgoing Chief Rudy Llanes.

The move was touted as an effort by Regalado to put Jackson into the Chief's job as a way to protect himself and some of his closest cronies form a possible criminal investigation.

Jackson, who earned the nickname "Lexus" for his involvement back in the day with a stolen Lexus, an incident that should have gotten him fired but instead he got a 160 hour suspension, was considered mailable enough to control, unlike Assistant Chief Jorge Colina who Regalado is rumored to fear.

What criminal activity Regalado and his cronies were and seem to stil be worried about no one seems to know, or talk about, but it's not hard to imagine that given all the dirty deeds that Regalado and his pals have done over the last 8 years that there are more then enough potential minefields that could explode either before, or after he walks out of City Hall.I'm covering dollar to donut bets that Regalado will one day do a Perp Walk,

because after 8 years I absolutely, positively know, based on stories that I've written, as well as stories that yet wait to be written that he deserves a mug shot and chance to sit in a defendant's chair.

But all of that is in the future.

Today, as I write this, two Department Directors from the City of Miami are supposedly in the Dominican Republic supposedly providing training to Dominican folks, all paid for by Miami taxpayers as part of what has been rumored to be an on-going effort to establish and lay the groundwork for future private business deals by Regalado and his pals.

The Dominican deal is interesting because prior to sending city employees, Regalado got the City Commission to give a city in that country 3 fire and rescue trucks worth a couple hundred thousand dollars as part of a Sister City initiative.

In addition to having it's own foreign policy, the City of Miami during the Regalado years has also developed it's own foreign aid program.

OCTOBER 6, 2017

Far more interesting to Regalado watchers has been his recent conversion in becoming a vocal "climate change" supporter.

There were a number of things that he could have, should have done in the first 7 years of his administration that he didn't do when it came to supporting and promoting climate change, but now in his last year he's become like St Paul on the road to Damascus.

The big thing now is that he's touting a referendum that includes $200 million for local climate change projects, and you can make book that Regalado and the rest of his grifter family are planning on ways to cash in on that pot of gold.

It was never widely reported, but Jose Regalado, the Mayor's youngest son went to the Paris Climate Change Conference representing the City of Miami. He claimed that he did so on his own dime.  

The only problem with that claim is Jose has never had too many of his own dimes.  Almost all of his dimes in the last 8 years have come from Daddy, or from Daddy and sister Raquel's political campaigns.

So what did Jose do while in Paris?  He made sure that everyone knew he was the ONLY representative from the City of Miami, and he used the power of Daddy's Office to get through doors that no "volunteer" would ever get through.

When the talk turns to climate change, Miami becomes a part of just about everyone's conversation. How many inquires, potential business offers, or inquiries about products and business opportunities do you think that young Jose might have received since the Conference as a result of his passing out business cards that identified him as the City of Miami's representative?

Now that Daddy's leaving office, with a girlfriend/wife? - he's never provided the information on where they supposedly got their marriage license -  and a couple freeloading children to support, he's defiitely going to need all the "business opportunities" he can latch on to, and you can bet that some of those will end up being related to "climate change."


As I said, this lawsuit could be the first of a number of lawsuits that get filed as people who've been screwed over by the Regalado administration, but for any number of reasons felt uncomfortable about suing the city while he was Mayor decide that it's now or never.

This lawsuit has been long in the making, and deals with allegations of bad faith dealing by the city - now who would ever think that the City of Miami under the Regalado administration would engage in bad faith dealings?

It's not all that complicated to understand the basis of the lawsuit, and as I am want to do when it comes to lawsuits, I figure it's best to make the complaint available so that folks can read it and make up their own minds.

Here it is:



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