Last week I wrote a story of how Ana Cristina Carrodeguas, the maybe wife of Tomas Regalado - you know, the woman who he claimed to have run away with to another state to marry so that they could keep their marriage license a secret from me - had given Benjamin Prieto, the County Mayor of Cuenca, Spain, a Key To The City Of Miami.

Carrodeguas, who was accompanied in the photo by Adriana Navarro, a TV reporter with America TeVe 41, was not in Spain on official city business, but rather was working as the "producer" for a travelogue segment for the TV station about Spain.

It took longer than it should have, but I finally got a copy of the list of ALL the Keys To The City given away in the years 2016 and 2017 from the City's office of Protocol, and it was no surprise to learn that Benjamin Prieto of Cuenca, Spain wasn't on that list.

It also wasn't surprising to spot some ringers who were on the list. Since we all have different opinions of who would constitute a ringer, the list is below. Check out #58, because it's good enough for a Tee Shirt - create your own caption.

As the door is set to hit Regalado in the ass, and the possibility of a Perp Walk awaits him on the other side, perhaps it might be a good idea if he and  Ana Cristina get strip searched as they leave the building, because if these grifters figured they could get away with claiming they were married and living rent free for the last two years there's no telling what else they figure they should be entitled to walk out of City Hall with.

It's definitely Miami, Bitches!