Francis "Daddy's Boy" Suarez was elected the Mayor of Miami on November 7th. He was sworn in on November 15th, and on November 16th, as seen in the photo above, Ana Cristina Carrogeduas was giving away another Key To The City to a Spanish businessman who opened a US headquarters in Coral Gables.

It seems that the maybe wife/maybe girlfriend, and most likely woman who after 4 husbands - if she and Tomas really are married he would be her 5th husband - decided that perhaps continuing to hang out with a 70 year old man who claims to have a net worth of $9000 and doesn't even have a chauffeur anymore, isn't, on 2nd thought such a good idea.

No one has seen Ana Cristina in the USA for a while now because Crespogram sources close to Regalado claim that she's decided to hang out in Spain.

If Ana Cristina and Tomas are at the end of their fairytale romance, it looks like in the Regalado grifter version of wifey/girlfriend getting to keep the jewelry, she got to leave town with a suitcase full of Key's To The City, and being an enterprising woman is making the best of the opportunity to hang out in Spain looking for the next adventure in her life.

In any event, as part of my last story about Ana Cristina passing out Keys in Spain, I included the official list of Key's To The City issued by the Mayor's Office of Protocol.  I'm posting it again, so that you can see that all of these Keys - and there is no way of telling how many Keys she took, or who she's been giving them to - are being handed out illegally.

Let's see what Mayor "Daddy's Boy" Suarez does about this!

It's Miami, Bitches!