I get the whole U of M thing, and the atavistic need that some folks have to associate with sports teams as way way to help define their identity, but there is no way that a serious, self-respecting "journalist" would ever pose with a symbol that reflects the degrading of their profession like this chain does.

First off, this isn't a "Click Chain," this is a "Click Bait Chain."  

What is "Click Bait," and why is it bad for journalism?  

Glad you asked, because Click Bait is the journalistic equivalent of cotton candy, and the reporters required to churn it out are like the workers with the paper tube in the carnival tents, spinning those tubes around in the vat of spun sugar until they've got your mouth drooling for the sugar high that comes with the first bite.

Click Bait journalism is the antithesis of serious journalism, and anyone who would knowingly laugh and pose with a symbol of the degradation of their profession is a moron, and more than likely a millennial, because contrary to their exalted sense of self-entitlement, the millennial generation is poised to destroy civilization as we know it.

Think I'm kidding?

Consider these examples: