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In their editorial last month the Miami Herald made a reference to Raquel Regalado's over the top accusations against Carlos Gimenez, including the fact that many of her accusations were inaccurate.

     "As the race has progressed, her campaign has taken on an

     increasingly desperate tone. In both her appearance before

     the Editorial Board and a debate between her and Mr. Gimenez

     televised on WPLG Local 10, she released an unstoppable,

     rapid-fire fusillade of charges that seemed over the top — much

     like Donald Trump’s “President Obama is the founder of ISIS”

     contention — and many of them inaccurate."

Last night, Regalado continued in that vein, writing a diatribe about the wrong headed decision by the County Commission in refusing to put this referendum question on the ballot, and making sure to put the blame the Mayor, rather than on the Washington D.C. advocacy group who came here like carpet baggers believing that the citizens of Miami-Dade County were rubes who were ripe to be hustled into going along with a biased and sneaky effort to rewrite the campaign finance law in a way that would have done far more damage than good.

Raquelita was not the only one to write about what happened before the County Commission. Elaine de Valle, her chief "Media Consultant" also wrote a story about what happened before the Commission.

The differences in what they wrote is that Raquelita couldn't resist attacking Carlos Gimenez, and blaming him for the County Commission decision not to allow this flawed referendum question to go before the voters, while de Valle made an effort to actually address what really happened, and why there were reasons for the County Commission to do what it did.

For someone who was fined $5000 for her part in failing to follow the law when it came to managing her father's 2009 campaign finances - including taking illegal money from foreign donors - and then taking as much as $140,000 from Norman Braman -  along with tens of thousands of dollars from other folks like fraudster Stephen Kneapler, who operates as her father's consigliere in the City of Miami - see my stories about the Rickenbacker Marina - as well as developers, real estate investors and others who can be expected to show up on the 29th floor of the County Building with their hands out if Regalado were to be elected Mayor, you would think that she might think twice before going off about "Pay For Play," since there is no reason given her behavior on the School Board that she would not go out of her way to reward her campaign contributors, or worse all of her father's cronies.

It's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle Black.

Here is regalado's piece which appeared on her Facebook page, and following de Valle's piece which appeared on her blog this morning.

It's always Miami, Bitches!