The issue surfaced again at today's Commission meeting when I was told - I'm currently out of town on family issues - that a lot more folks showed up to complain about Hardemon's highhanded approach, and that Commissioner Frank Carollo also weighred in, because not onlt has Hardemon acted like a petty dictator when it comes to treating the public with disrespect, but he's also treated his fellow Commission members the same way.

I have no way of knowing who spoke up today, but I suspwect that it probably included some, if not all of the handful of folks who do their best to stand up for the citizens when everyone, including Peter Ehrlich, Grace Solares and Nathan Kurkland - but excluding all those whiny self-entitled Coconut Groce rich folks who only care about their particular zoning issues, and not for anything else bad that happens in the city.

In any event, this was why I believed that Hardemon was wrong in doing what he was doing, and why folks have to be on constant guard to stand up for their rights, because contrary to what they would have you believe, the Mayor of Miami, the City Commissioners, the City Manager and the City Attorney not only don't care for your right s, but they'll try to screw you at every opportunity.

Why? Because it's Miami. Bitches!