I've made it a point over the last 7 years to try and avoid wading into the craziness that has become American politics - I write about municipal public corruption, not partisan politics - but this morning's news that Alex Jones, the crazy, loudmouthed maniac that seems to be one of Donald Trump's ventriloquists, had challenged Alex Baldwin to a bareknuckle fistfight, was just too funny to ignore, especially since back in 2008, when I was still covering political protests I was in Denver for the 2008 Democratic Convention and was there when Jones, who I had never heard of before that day, got into a verbal shouting match with Michelle Malkin, another, not so wrapped tight right wing political commentator.

I never understood what Jones was screaming about - the noise of all the photographers and protesters around them drowned out Jones' screaming, but they went at it for a while, and then when Malkin started walking away, Jones chased her her down the street continuing to scream.

You got to love these loud mouthed morons who go around go around chasing a woman down the street and talking stupid shit like Jones does, because of course there will be no fistfight, it's nothing but smoke and mirror stagecraft by a bully, who would pee in his pants if someone challenged him to go into a room with butcher knives and see who comes out, instead of some school yard fistfight.

We're in for 4 years - or maybe less - of real craziness, and to survive we're going to have to occasionally stand up and tell morons like Alex Jones, 'Hey fuckhead, you need to change your medication because your craziness is getting completely out of hand.'