Somewhere inside Miami City Hall or the Miami River Center there is someone who has access to more than just the paperwork - or lack thereof - having to do with the permitting process for the Flagstone Group's effort to continue screwing Miami taxpayers.

This person is high up enough in the food chain to know what's going on with Commissioner Francis "I've sold my ass to be Mayor" Suarez, and  alleged in a May 17th letter that was sent to Commissioners Russell and Carollo, and copied to Pam Bondi, the Florida Attorney General, Victoria Mendez, the Miami City Attorney and David Smiley of the Miami Herald, that alleged among other things that the Commissioner had a private dinner with the Flagstone developer the week of May 11th, when the issue of whether or not Flagstone had failed to comply with all the requirements of their contract with the City was scheduled by Commissioner Russell as a discussion item.

On May 19th, I wrote to the Commissioner asking him if in fact he had had any private meetings and/or dinner with the developer and also raised the issue of the Flagstone developer giving him money for his campaign.

He responded that afternoon.

After sending the Commissioner a copy of the anonymous letter, I followed up with a more detailed set of questions on Friday, May 26th.

Here are screen grabs from the Commissioner's Political Action Committee, Miami's Future Inc., that show the two donations from Flagstone Island Gardens.

Here is Commissioner Suarez's response to my detailed questions.

The first comment I must address is Suarez's claim that he doubted anyone knew or strongly suspected that he might be running for Mayor in May of 2016.

Here is an interview that he did for CBS Channel 4 on MAY 11, 2016, where he unequivocally declared that he was going to run for Mayor.  This was 14 days before the Flagstone developer wrote his PAC a $10,000 check.

I have said it before, and I will continue to say that Francis Suarez has sold so much of his ass in his effort to become Mayor, that it all of the donors names were tattooed on his face and body, people who be calling him Miami's first Black Mayor.

Nobody give a political candidate running for the job of a Municipal Mayor $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $25,000 or $50,000, unless they expect a return on that money!

So while Francis Suarez might be right that he didn't have dinner with Mehmet Bayraktar on May 11th, the truth of the matter is that 14 days after Francis Suarez declared on TV that he was running for Mayor in 2017, Mehmet Bayraktar wrote a $10,000 check to Suarez's PAC, just like Julio Del Rey wrote a $10,000 check on February 23, 2017, and on March 23, 2017, Suarez sponsored a Resolution at the City Commission meeting that made sure that Del Rey would not have to worry about the City trying to shut down his rent-a-room by the hour motels, shifting the blame for the problem onto the witless pimps and whores who frequent Del Rey's motels, and creating a bogis Police task Force to deal with the problem..

When you sell your ass like Francis Suarez has been doing for the last three years, people start expecting a return on the money they give you sooner rather than later, and come May 30th, we'll see whether Francis Suarez casts the 3rd vote to either shut the Flagstone project down, or to let them keep going, and in the process keep screwing the taxpayers of Miami.

It'll be a Miami Bitches moment!


The second, and equally astounding issue is Suarez's claim that people who donate thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to his PAC do so for reasons other than having to anything do with his campaign.

To believe that, you would have to believe that Carlos Migoya, Ron Book, Moshe Mana, Phillip Frost and all the other individuals, companies and law firms in the screen grab below - most, if not all of whom have had business before the Miami City Commission, own property within the City of Miami, or have an expectation of having to come before the Miami City Commission again, or at some time in the future  - all ponied up close to the $300,000 in donations you can see, not because they were laying down a marker, or just brazenly giving him these tens of thousands of dollars as payments for future services expected, but because they had nothing better to do with this money than give it to him because he is such a nice guy.  

The full amount to date is $1,707,151.31.