Normally the only portions - which last about 15-20 seconds that are missing from my community videos are when I have to re-hit the record button every 30 minutes.  This time, starting at around 31 minutes I had a problem with my battery that caused the camera to shut off a couple times until I realized that the problem was with the battery.  I include all of the portions that I managed to records - which ended up missing about 3 minutes of responses before I switched batteres.  Other than that, the video is of the entire debate, and I strongly suggest that folks pay attention to some of the answers because things were revealed during this debate that might have future impact, especially on the Doctor's Charter School and their current lack of a gym or recreation field.

I will attempt to record all of the up coming debates, because I know that a lot of folks can't make it to these events, but they are entitled to know what is being said by the candidates.