Frank Carollo's biggest problem is Frank Carollo. His heart is often in the right place, but his brain and his mouth are often at war with his heart, and consequently there have been more times that I've bothered to keep count when I've wondered if Frank was really batshit crazy.

For the last year Frank has toyed and teased that he wanted to run for Mayor, but given the job that Francis Suarez has done in selling his ass to every lobbyist, land use lawyer and developer in Miami and elsewhere, he's pretty much sucked most of the campaign money out of the room.

Now it seems, a day late, and definitely a dollar short, Frank might actually be gearing up to run for Mayor, or maybe something else, but the one thing he's definitely not running for is reelection.

He can't run for reelection because he's termed out, but that piddling fact doesn't seem to have concerned the folks at The Related Group who just sent out a fundraising email that makes it appear that they're raising money for Frank to run for the District 3 Commission seat.

Frank has been a proverbial back bencher the whole time he's been on the Commission, so no one in his right mind would give Frank any money to run for Mayor, but then again, maybe Frank isn't running for anything.

What if The Related Group and Frank have teamed up to support Bruno Berreiro's wife Zoraida, whose running against Frank's brother Joe for the District 3 seat?

How's that for a Machiavellian plot twist. The Related Group sends out an email that claims that they're raising money for Frank to run for District 3 Commissioner, only they ask folks to make the checks payable to a PAC called United For Good Government, and then when Frank gets that money he turns around and gives it to Zoraida.

How's that for some devious, double-dealing back stabbing by Frank against his brother Joe?

No matter what ends up happening with the money, the email that The Related Group sent out is factually misleading, and whatever money they raise as a result of that email should be considered as illegal campaign contributions raised through false claims.

You gotta love this town. Yesterday it was Francis Suarez selling his ass for a $10,000 donation and giving a reach around to Julio Del Rey, and today it's The Related Group trolling for dollars using a bogus claim that Frank Carollo is running for the District 3 Commission seat when he's termed out.

I can only hope that Raquelita Regalado decides to get in the race for Mayor, and brings along that suitcase of batshit crazy behavior that she exhibited last year when she ran for County Mayor.

It'll be the reason to shout from the rooftops,