It was inevitable that Marc Sarnoff, after sulking off and licking his wounds over the way that Ken Russell sneaked up on him and his wife in 2015, would resurface at some point.

The only question after that election was when, and how long would it take him to recover and return. The recent election seems to have answered that question.

More than anyone whose been on the Commission in recent years, Sarnoff is the the most political, and politically savvy of any of the folks who've served on the Commission - he did not become Mr. Pay For Play by being an amateur - and the need and hunger that drives guys like him could never be replaced by playing at corporate law, or being on some civic board.

It shocked some folks when Manolo Reyes called Sarnoff up to the dias after he was sworn in to publicly embrase and thank him profusely for his friendship, but then again, it's also shocked some people to learn that Reyes hired Regalado's youngest son Jose - what's a boy to do for money when the family quits running for office and there aren't anymore campaign donations that can be funneled to him - along with a couple other Regalado staff including the Regalado family's gofer, Jose Marrero.

A look at Reyes' political committee, Restore Miami, reveals that Sarnoff gave him $2000 from his new political committee - Sarnoff closed out his ECO and transferred the remaining $140,750.09 to a political committee, Truth Is The Daughter Of Time PC, in June.

Sarnoff also donated $7000 to Joe Carollo's electioneering committee, Miami First, and he gave County Commissioners Daniella Levine Cava and Sally Heyman $1000 each for their reelection and Dan Gelber, who just became Mayor of Miami Beach $1000.

It'll be a while before we can figure whether these donations are just Sarnoff giving money to people he likes or figured would win and therefore wanted to be seen as backing winners, or whether they represent the first move in his effort to return to the scene of the crime.

Politics can be addictive and vindictive, and there is every reason to believe that Sarnoff would like nothing better than to get even with Ken Russell by helping t get him defeated in his run for Congress, which might then open the way for his own return as the Commissioner for District 2.

It's Miami, Bitches! where the schemes and plots are convoluted and devious, and where the guy holding a knife behind his back, might not be the one you really need to worry about.