Last week's City Commission meeting was not televised on Channel 77 because of some technical glitch. It was televised on Periscope, and consequently you can only watch that meeting on your cellphone.  I've copied a portion of that meeting and posted it here and on YouTube, because after watching it, I believe that the City of Miami should have done what I've done and posted it prominently on the city's website.

Karen Cartwright is a woman who has stood up for her community time after time, and her concerns, should be the concerns of every single City Commissioner, as well as Francis Suarez, the new Mayor.

Well before the new Mayor starts all his happy talk about new beginnings, he needs to deal with the issues addressed in this video, and he needs to demonstrate a lot more balls than he's shown so far about dealing with the police department!

It is unconscionable to hear a City Commissioner describe in detail where you can see drugs being sold on the streets of Miami, and to know that Rudy Llanes, this lying Chief of Police - the same one who showed so little concern for doing his job when he was the Assistant Chief in charge of the Property Room, that he allowed a storage container holding homicide evidence to rot under the expressway for years without getting off his ass to do anything about it - and who was also involved in the theft of the 11 revolvers from the Property Room, and which is now the subject of a very big coverup by the FDLE that I will be writing about very soon to continue to walk around with his fancy uniform like he's someone who people should respect and look up to.

And the problems in Overtown don't only include drugs, they include the area being used as a dumping ground for homeless folks, and people released from jail who are driven there in county vehicles and told to get out.

Shame on the City! Shame on the politicians! And Shame on Rudy Llanes for being a lying, sorry ass Police Chief who was nothing but a poser and a dick his whole time as a cop, and who has as much, if not a lot more responsibility for the continued heroin/fentanyl epidemic in Overtown as everyone else combined!

And less anyone forget, the Miami Herald's City Hall stenographer David Smiley was at that meeting, and has yet to write a single word about it - either in the Herald or on Twitter - and the Miami Herald Editorial Page Editor continues to to do what she does best: Stick one thumb up her ass, suck on the other one and wonder how she can switch them and still be considered politically correct.