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On September 11, 2015, Tommy Regalado filed the below corporate document with the Florida Secretary of State's Corporate registration Office.

I challenge anyone to find a smilar corporation filing in Florida by the child of any elected official that proclaims that the purpose of their business includes making COMMISSION ON DEALS.

Why would the son of the Mayor of Miami, who claims to be a "journalist," all of a sudden decide to form a corporation to take advantage of COMMISSION ON DEALS?

It's interesting that this corporaton was created just two months before Jose Regalado -Tommy's younger brother - went off to Paris as the City of Miami's unofficial representative to the Paris Climate Change Conference.

I wrote a couple weeks ago how after almost 7 years of silence on climate change, Tomas Regalado Sr.'s sudden interest and commitment coincides with a need to make a living after he leaves office, and how promoting himself now as a supporter of climate change could tie in nicely with any number of business deals that people who see Miami as the epicenter of what climate change is going to do to a costal city, would see the former Mayor as a go to guy to further their business interests in promoting solutions to the city.

But be that as it may, the bigger question is why can't David Smiley with all the resources of the Miami Herald ever find any of these documents?

To have the son of the current Mayor, who himself is running for public office, create a corporation predicated on making COMMISISON ON DEALS, while his father was the Mayor, is certainly a discovery that in an American City would have prompted questions, and a click bait headline:


It's Miami. Bitches!