OCTOBER 21, 2016

This incident took place in 2006, and she received an 80 hour suspension for discharging her firearm. (The documents related to this incident can be found at the bottom.)

Alfonso is the sister of Commander Jose Alfonso, whose had his own up's and downs in the department. He is currently the Commander of the Flagami District, and not that long ago he was, for a short time, in charge of IA.

This presented a problem, because sister Meritza was then working as an investigator in IA.

The bigger problem however that had folks talking was how had he been assigned to be the head of IA to begin with since EVERYONE  knew that Meritza was already working in IA, and that this was a clear violation of department policy as it related to one family member supervising another.

Even more amazing is that you got to wonder how Meritza managed to go from shooting a hole in her hand to being assigned to an elite unit like IA, because both her Facebook photos back in the day and her recent habit of getting in traffic accidents with her police car wouldn't necessarily be the kinds of behavior that one would normally consider as being a part of the criteria for promotion to an elite unit like IA.

Here are some of Merita's photos from her earlier wild days when being the sister of a brother who was plugged into the Family and Friends Plan was a license to behave however she wanted, and to post it all on Facebook.

So even if you want to look past all of this as being immature behavior back in the day, there's a new problem that has surfaced involving Merita's driving behavior.  

In 2010, 2012 AND 2015, she was charged and reprimanded for 3 traffic wrecks in which she was found  by IA to be responsible.

WRECK 2010.pdf by al_crespo on Scribd

WRECK 2012 .pdf by al_crespo on Scribd

WRECK 2015 .pdf by al_crespo on Scribd

GUN.pdf by al_crespo on Scribd

So here you got a police officer with what appears to be an obvious drinking problem, who also has a driving problem, being assigned to an elite unit of the Miami Police Department where her behavior can be covered up to some degree, who has now been put in charge of a major investigation into the disappearance of 9 revolvers from the Miami Police Property Room, where the odds are that whoever took those guns is a member in good standing of the Friends and Family Plan.

Anybody want to bet that I can find out who took the guns before this cracker jack investigator can?

Ot's Miami, Bitches!

I was already working on a story about Maritza Alfonso when I learned this morning that she was the lead investigator in the case of the missing revolvers. Among Meritza's claims to fame within the Miami Police Department is the time she put her service revolver in the trunk of her car and then allegedly went out for a night of drinking her pals.

Early the next morning, she drove back to police headquarters, went to the trunk of her car to retrieve her weapon, and somehow managed to shoot a hole in her hand.

She proudly took a bunch of photos of the wound and the results of the surgery and posted them on Facebook.