Another longtime Regalado crony is Adib Eden, one of the owners of the Actualidad Radio Network.

I believe that a lot of folks who read my last story found themselves focused on the question of whether Tomas and Ana Christina Regalado were living rent free in a luxury apartment building, and therefore paid scant attention to the first part of the story where I detailed how Tomas and Ana Christina were flying off to far away places so that Tomas could act as a shill and front man for some of his pals, who in turn were all to happy to cover the costs of the trips.

There was more than I was able to include in that story about how Regalado and wifey, especially in this last couple years of his term as Mayor, were racking up those frequent flyer miles.

My story should have caused at least some folks to stop and ponder what all this travel meant, especially the trip to Spain in October of 2015, paid for by Luis Pineda, an alleged Spanish extortionist who has been a topic of numerous stories in the Spanish press since his arrest for allegedly extorting as much as $14 million (Euros) from banks, financial institutions and phone companies in a scheme in which they either persuaded to buy ads in Pineda's financial publications or suffer vicious attacks in these same publications.  

Because Regalado, after being pounded for years for refusing to report gifts, finally started to do so in 2014, I was able to get a copy of the Form 9 that revealed that he and wifey had gone to Spain on Pineda's dime.  

What I only discovered after posting my story was the photo below which show a gentleman named Julian Linares, who is at the left of the photo. For reference, Luis Pineda is at the far right, and Tomas Regalado is in the middle.

Julian Linares, like Luis Pineda, is a Spaniard who came to Miami in the 70's to make his fortune, and like Pineda, Linares became a close pal of the Mayor. That friendship seems to have included Linares becoming the Regalados traveling companion, and it also resulted in his becoming a member of the Mayor's International Council.

Two years later, in May of 2017, Linarea was once again in Spain with Regalado and his wife, this time, the activities included giving a Key To The City of Miami to José Luis Rivas the Mayor of Avila, Spain.

Eden also became a recipient of a Key To The City Of Miami, which as I've previously written, Regalado passes out with the frequency of a madam in a whorehouse passing out condoms.

Adib Eden and Julian Linares also share one other thing. They, along with the Mayor's wife are partners in a non-profit formed in October of 2015,  called the Miami International Affairs Foundation, Inc.

Like Julian Linares, Adib Eden also became a member of the Mayor's International Council.

Here is what the corporate documents say is the purpose for creating this non-profit.

Tomas Regalado is not the first politician to involve his wife in his political life, but there are a number of questions that immediately come to mind in this particular instance.

The first is, is this a job, or is this a volunteer activity.

A couple weeks ago, Ana Christina donated $500 to Tommy Regalado's campaign for the District 3 Commission race.  Under occupation, the campaign report says, "Dir. Miami Int. Affairs."  Given that this is Regalado's stepmother, you have to expect that this description was checked out just to avoid any possible questions popping up from other candidates.

In checking with folks from other campaigns, the information about occupation is either taken from the campaign contribution check, or the donor is requested to write their occupation at the top of the check, or if there is no information provided then someone from the campaign has to follow up and get this information.

Regalado's wife could have been listed as Housewife, Self-employed, Retired, or several other things. The fact that her occupation was listed the way it was, raises the legitimate question as to whether she is, in addition to being an officer of the corporation, also an employee.

The next, and even larger question is the issue of Tomas Regalado appointing Adib Eden and Julian Linares to a public board that he chairs, and then their turning around and creating a private non-profit corporation with his wife.

This has special importance since one of the purposes that they claim for the creation of this corporation is, that it is, "also organized to assist the City of Miami Mayor's Internatonal Council...fostering the relationships that it has established with Sister Cities and "Friendship Cities..."

Why would this public board require the assistance of two of it's board members to join up with the Mayor's wife to assist themselves in carrying out the public responsibilities associated with being on that board.

And why are these two guys the only board members part of this deal, given that the corporate charter of this corporation allows for as many as 50 board members?

This question is is also really important given that Emile "Ur Cousin" Farah, another board member of the Mayor's International Council, who was also appointed by the Mayor, has a banner on his business website proclaiming that he has been appointed the "Special Ambassador to Sister Cities?"

- SflaScene

- SflaScene

I would be remiss if I were to close without pointing out that this non-profit corporation that includes language that goes out of its way to extoll and support all thing Miami, uses the mail address of their attorney's address at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

They couldn't even bother to go rent a mail box in Miami.

Now, I do not question that some of the trips that the Mayor has taken on behalf of promoting the city have been legitimate, but I do question other trips paid for by his pals like Luis Pineda and others that appear to be little more than trips taken to promote the interests of the people who paid for the airplane tickets and hotel rooms.

In those cases, including trips to Mexico, Panama, Argentina and Spain the  question is what, if anything, did Regalado and wifey get, besides a free trip.

Care to answer that question, Mister Mayor?

How many "Ambassadors" and support organizations does the Mayor's International Council needs to provide service to its "Sister Cities."

In that regard, and given the evidence uncovered to date, the real question would seem to be who's actually being serviced here?  

If you have private business people wandering around promoting themselves as "Ambassadors" or officers of a non-profit corporation claiming to be doing the same work either on behalf of, or instead of a public board, the obvious question is, why?

Who is actually doing what?  Who's monitoring any, or all of these supposed activities?.

It's true that City Boards like the Mayor's International Council are supposed to submit an annual reports, but in reality these annual reports are essentially self-promotional puff pieces that in some instances tell you little if anything about what these boards are really up to.

It's bad enough that you have the Mayor wandering around making statements like this to the Spanish press:

          "He recalled that Miami has its own "foreign policy" and in

          that sense have to "defend the interests of Cubans, Venezuelans

          and Haitians," hence it is sometimes known as "the Latin

          American city closest to the United States. "

Even worse, was learning that in foreign countries the Mayor of a city that has ranked as among the worst, if not actually the worst in so many economic and quality of life categories - starting with being among the worst American cities when it comes to income inequality - had the amazing gall to portray himself a champion of economic development and creative  leadership including the preposterous claim that the $19 million dollar white elephant movie studio built by Commissioner Sarnoff in the OMNI CRA District - a building that the OMNI CRA is now eager to sell - was actually a "first rate film studio" that he had spent $200 million of taxpayer money on, and that had generated 500 direct jobs.

He also took personal credit for the lawsuit initiated by Commissioner Francis Suarez against the banks who were screwing Miami residents which he ended up winning in the US Supreme Court earlier this year.

Regalado could never get away with spewing crap like this inside this country, but  across an ocean in a country where he can dazzle folks with bullshit, he comes across as the smartest and most competent Mayor in America. To read how Regalado, based on his own words, is portrayed in Spain, click HERE.

In Miami however, the Mayor figures that the remaining Gringos living within the city limits are on their own when it comes to having their interests defended or ther city managed, because has always seen himself not as the Mayor of all of Miami, but rather the Mayor of Latin Miami.

When you have the Mayor of a city like Miami declaring that his city is "the Latin American city closest to the United States," you really have to wonder why anyone could ever get upset that Miami is called a Banana Republic.

At the end of the day however, it's always about the money.

Let's for argument sake agree that the decision by Linares, Eden and Mrs Regalado was based on the purest of motives and aspirations. In order for them to succeed in doing the good deeds that they claimed was the purpose for creating their non-profit, they would need money.

Question number one would be where, or from whom would they expect to get that money?

Question number two would be have they raised any money, and if so, how have they accounted for the money that they received?

To that end, on Tuesday, I sent an email to Mrs. Regalado asking her to provide me with a copy of the corporation's tax returns, which are called Form 990's.

The email I had for her didn't work, so I re-sent the email to the Mayor with a cover letter, along with a copy to Julian Liares. I stipulated my deadline.

That deadline came and went without a response.