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NUMBER 16 - APRIL 9, 2018

Among the lessons I've learned as we near the end of 9 years of writing about the City of Miami is that while you might take these Cuban politicians out of Cuba, but you can't take the Cuban way of dealing with trouble makers out of these politicians, and here I am once again writing about how the new dipshits at City Hall, who it turns out are just like the old dipshits at City Hall, figured that they would deal with my less than flattering observations about their job performance by barring me from being able to post on the City Of Miami Twitter Page.

My first run in with censorship by the Cuban exile hugs running the City of Miami was back in 2010, when then Acting Assistant City Manager, and all around batshit crazy Luis Cabrera, tried to bar me from access to the MRC Building.

When that didn't work out, they blocked city employees from logging on to my site from their city computers, which prompted my including the claim that I was barred from government computers for telling the truth as part of my headline banner for years.

The ubiquitous use of cell phones reduced the impact of the ban because many city employees just started reading my stories on their cell phones.

It was only after I was forced to file 2 separate lawsuits against the City and the DDA for a refusal to provide me copies of their email mailing lists - lawsuits that resulted in the city agreeing to pay my attorney's fees of $22,500, plus give me the email lists - that the city figured it might just be easier all around to obey Florida's public records law and I was even added to the city's communications notification list.

But that was then, and now we've got Colonel Klink - aka, City Manager Emilio Gonzalez, and his new Communications Director Eugene Ramirez - who it seems have a less democratic view of freedom of speech.

Now, for all that I write about Francis Suarez, I don't think that he's part of this latest effort to bar me from the city's Twitter page, but as the City Manager, Emilio Gonzalez is definitely responsible whether he instructed his hand-picked Communications Director to block me, or whether young Eugene, in an effort to kiss ass, decided to do this on his own as a way to demonstrate that loyalty to Colonel Klink.

The  decision to bar me from posting links to my website on Twitter appears to have started on March 19th.

I know that more recent posts also appeared on the city's Twitter page, because I check to make sure that they appear, but last weekend, after I posted my story about the Mayor and the Sea Level Committee's experience with Maggie Fernandez, who self-describes herself as a "Olympic gold medalist in talking nonsense," that that post wasn't on the website, and when I went looking, none of the links going back to March 19th were there either.

They had all disappeared, and so, I was left with no other choice than to write the following letter to the City Attorney, with copies to the Mayor, the City Manager and all the Commissioners this morning.


And the beat goes on.