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NUMBER 69 - JULY19, 2018

The vote on the soccer stadium didn't go the way that a lot of folks wanted. Like it or not, that the way democracy works.  But that was yesterday and today is a new day.

Francis Suarez is still trying to become a Strong Mayor on the claims that, "Miami residents deserve a more transparent, efficient and accountable government."

That's true, Miami is definitely in need of all of those qualities in a mayor, but after the shit show that he orchestrated to get the soccer stadium deal on the ballot, it's evident that Francis Suarez's behavior showed that when it comes to transparency, efficiency and accountability he can not be trusted, nor expected to embrace any of those attributes.

The good thing is that so far, Suarez has not had the success he hoped for in getting Miami voters to sign his petitions to put this item on the November ballot.  Even though he's already spent $365,000.00 with a company he hired to get those petitions signed, he is stil thousands of signature away from having this initiative approved and put on the ballot.

Here is the latest tally from the Miami's City Clerk's office who is responsible for keeping track of the petition signatures.

If the process remains consistent, of the 2673 petition signatures that were submitted to the Board of Elections, 2350-2300 signatures might end up being certified.  That means Suarez needs at the very least a minimun of 4000 more signatures in the next week or so.

Everything - and I mean everything needs to be approved, finalized and delivered to the Board of Elections by August 7th, in order to get on the November ballot.

It won't be easy, but it is actually possible to derail Suarez's efforts in the next 10 days.

First, there has to be concerted effort to get the folks who are upset about what happened at yesterday's Commission meeting to start contracting their family, their friends, and especially their neighbors and tell them if a person comes to their door asking them to sign a petition, to say NO!

The second thing is if you or anyone sees a person canvassing for petition signatures, they need to call me at:


I will try to get folks into those neighborhoods ASAP to start knocking on doors asking folks not to sign the petitions.

How effective can that be?

Last year 5 of us who live in Miami Shores and were opposed to the efforts by the Village Council to get voters to approve a $20 milion bond issue to build a new community center hit the streets every weekend for 6 weeks, and mounted a campaign on Facebook and NextDoor.  The effort went down to defeat with a 70% majority voting NO!

Facebook and NextDoor can be very effective tools to reach a lot of people, so if you can't walk your neighborhood, and you have a computer, you can reach out to folks on Facebook and NextDoor.

The argument is not about the merits or lack of regarding the soccer stadium, the arguments are about Francis Suarez being a lying weasel dick who went out of his way to trash transparency and accountability in the process that resulted in yesterday's vote, and how everyone can expect the same kind of behavior, only worse if he gets real power.


For those who have already signed one of these petitions, I have been provided information that there is a process by which you can ask that your name be removed.

I am following up with the Elections Board to verify if that is true and what the steps are.  Once I find out, I'll be back.

For now though, the goal is to show Francis Suarez even though he and his cronies can play games in the backrooms of City Hall, they can be made to pay a price for trying to fuck over the residents of Miami.

It's Miami, Bitches!

I just received word that petition canvassers for Francis Suarez were inside the Winn Dixie at NW 54th Street and NW12th Avenue last night.  Petition canvassers are nor supposed to troll for signatures inside of stores. I have put in a call to the Winn Dixie attorneys, but in the meantime if you see any of these people inside a store go and complain to the manager, and then tell all the shoppers what is going on.