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NUMBER 49 - JUNE 18, 2018


In a not very subtle way, the self-anointed Dictator of District 3 raised a very interesting question about culture in Miami.  Exactly whose "culture" did he and the Boy Mayor talk about over their little Caficita Summit?  

Normally, elected officials have enough on their hands trying to deal with mundane issues like police protection, traffic congestion, income inequality, lack of affordable housing, unkempt parks and uncontrolled development that affect all the residents, to spend much time on loftier issues like "our culture."

But then, when you pose with a painted chicken and a big sign that says HAVANA in the background, even the Blind Boys From Alabama could see that the Dictator consciously chose the location and the words in his Tweet because he and the Boy Mayor have decided not only to pander to each other, but also because they both need to pander for votes and support from their Cuban base; the Boy Mayor for the votes to become a Strong Mayor that he thinks, like Pinocchio, will turn him into a real man instead of the boy puppet that he is, and the Dictator is laying the groundwork to fight off a Recall Vote that even now is beginning to be whispered by some who are having voter's remorse.

In a City with a population of 399,457, the fact that only 2,409 people voted to make him a City Commissioner means that there are another 27,929 potential voters who might be persuaded that behind his populist, clean up government facade lurks a mean spirited, devious and untrustworthy bully.

In the meantime, if you hear the rooster crow, make sure it isn't crowing for you.