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NUMBER 10 - MARCH 16, 2018

On Wednesday, it was reported that over 1 million kids came out of their schools in a show of solidarity and support for the protests to make the politicians in this country do something meaningful about gun control.

You can appreciate that this event might have prompted more than one slimy and opportunistically exploitative politician to recognize an opportunity to use this event for their own benefit, and there there is no one who seems to have done so more shamelessly than Miami City Commissioner Ken "Selfie Boy" Russell, who is currently running for Congress, and who could not resist dressing up in his best Student Body President costume so that he could place himself at the front of a line of Coconut Grove high school students on a walk to City Hall, where he then led them in prayer.

Given that I had a major role in convincing this asshole to run for City Commission, I am ashamed to realize that my judgement was so wrong, and that Ken Russell has turned out to be such an amazingly self-centered, conniving and exploitive individual who I mistakenly - like many others who now share the belief that we were snookered - believed was a better human being than he has shown himself to be.

But even after all of that, the stunt that he pulled on Wednesday  - and it absolutely was a stunt - staged managed to produce the photos for nothing other than a self-serving campaign ad represents a new low, for this slime ball.

He has turned out to be a completely reprehensible example of how far a person with no shame will go to exploit a tragedy for his own personal advancement.

This guy does not  deserve to go to Washington, and in fact, he no longer deserves to be in any public office.

Please do not give him any money, and please do not vote for him! There are several intelligent, well qualified candidates running for Congress in the 27th District, but Ken Russell is not one of them!