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NUMBER 48 - JUNE 14, 2018

Joe Carollo is full of shit when he talks about wanting a level playing field for business owners and residents. What Joe Carollo wants is what every petty despotic politician wants: a playing field that lets him reward his friends and screw his enemies.

And, like every petty despotic politician that needs an arch enemy to make himself into a fake comic book hero, Carollo has decided that his arch enemy is a guy named Bill Fuller.

Fuller is one of the guys who owns the bar on SW 8th Street called Ball and Chain.  He also owns, or has leases on a bunch of other properties on SW 8th Street, one of them being a parking lot at 1380 SW 8th Street.

For a while now Fuller has been trying to put some sort of little street market on this piece of property, and along the way he's had problems with Code Enforcement.

Last week, Fuller appeared before a Special Master at City Hall over the code violations on this property, and supposedly after explaining his situation, and asking for a continuance of 10 days during which time he thought that he would be able to resolve the outstanding problems, the Special Master accepted his argument, and instead of giving him 10 days, gave him a 30 day extension.

At that point, Carollo stood up to argue with the Special Master - that what he's doing in the photo above - that Fuller shouldn't be given a 30 day continuance.

The Special Master heard Carollo out, and reaffirmed the decision to give Fuller 30  more days.

UPDATE: That pissed Carollo off so badly, that at today's Commission meeting he is sponsoring the following ordinance, a proposal which was pointed out to me after I posted this story that reveals another ethical violation of Section 4 of the City Charter by Carollo that prohibits elected officials from directly interfering with, or trying to direct any city employee in how they do their job.

First, Carollo tried to get the Special Master to change his mind, and when that didn't work, he now invoking his oversight capabilities to punish the Special Master for not doing what he wanted.

What does this mean in plain English?  It means Carollo wants to do away with Special Masters, and here's the portion of the code that explains what Section 2-830 means.

So what we have is a situation where after the Special Master ignored Carollo's argument to reverse his decision, Carollo turned around and out of vindictive spite, decided to get back at the Special Master by introducing the above ordinance to do away with ALL the Special Masters.

Not only is it alleged that Carollo has used Code Enforcement as a retaliatory tool to get back at his enemies, including Fuller, but this action to do away with ALL the Special Masters, over the actions of one is a pretty good example of what a nasty, abusive and vindictive retaliatory act looks like.

There's a pattern in Carollo's behavior, and it isn't a pretty one?  

At today's meeting, City Manager Colonel Klink should be the one to take a stand against this attack against the independence of "his" Special Masters - because as the city's Chief Administrator, all of these people work for him - but don't expect any words of condemnation coming out of his mouth, because when it comes to looking out for the employees in the city, the only thing the Colonel has shown is that he likes to use them as props for his self-aggrandizing photos.

This then raises the question as to whether Miami's comer mierda mayor Francis Suarez might say something - if he has the balls to even be in the Chambers when this item comes up for discussion - about this flagrant and vindictive abuse of power, especially after having his little caficita sit-down with Carollo to preserve the culture yesterday?

The backdrop for their little tete-de-tete perfectly sums up their relationship with each other, and with the community.

Francis Suarez is as weak as dish water - or as they say in polite company, he's extremely risk-averse - wants to be loved by one and all, and would willingly give a big mouthed trouble-maker like Carollo a handjob under the table if he thought it would shut him up, while Joe Carollo is just a run-of-the-mill bully whose got by on bluff and bullshit when he was younger, and who thinks he can still do that, even though the times have changed and he's definitely a couple steps slower then he was in his prime.

One want s to be the first Cuban Governor of Florida, and the other one believes that getting elected City Commissioner also allows him to act like the dictator of Little Havana.

Therefore the only people left to slap Carollo down for trying to pull a stunt like this are his fellow Commissioners.

What do you think?  Will they, or won't they?

Today's meeting has the opportunity for several popcorn moments in It's Miami, Bitches, and this should be one of them.