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NUMBER 35 - MAY 23, 2018

Last October, when the news broke that Jorge Colina would become the next Chief of Police, a lot of folks both in and outside the police department were happy because they expected that he would come in with a no nonsense attitude and quickly demonstrate what an adult as the Chief of Police looked like.

In a Miami Herald story that announced the appointment, this was how they described the decision made by the City Manager:

          "Colina, 50, met and interviewed with new City Manager Emilio

          González Wednesday morning and after sharing his policing

          philosophies, González made the quick decision to promote


          Colina, who has spent the past few years as assistant police

          chief to Rodolfo Llanes, will take control of the department on

          Jan. 29. Llanes had been scheduled to resign in March.

          “Man, I’m tripping out,” Colina said. “I met with the manager

          this morning and we had a long philosophical discussion.”

          Colina’s philosophy: Increase community policing. Forge better

          partnerships with federal agencies. Stop the gun violence on the

          streets that increased the last few months of the year in Miami.

          “There’s no reason why we can’t be one of the safest cities in the

          country,” he said. “Reducing gun violence is the priority. I have no

          sympathy if you chose to use a firearm to commit a crime.”

          González said he chose Colina because he’s “imminently qualified”

          and because Llanes recommended him. There was no national

          search for his replacement or formal internal selection process.

          “I realize that this is my first appointment. I wanted to make sure

          that, in my eyes, we have a guy who understands the community

          and has vast experience,” said the city manager. “I’m expecting

          great things for our city.”

The highlight of Colina first 5 months on the job was that he managed to morph into a middle-aged version of a teenage girl who discovers Twitter, Facebook and the wonders of selfies on her cellphone, while managing at the same time to look like an incompetent idiot when he had to hold a press conference to retract the claims he had made at a previous press conference a couple hours before, that his department had arrested the murders of two teenagers in the Pork & Beans housing project.

Miami Police Chiefs have done and said a lot of stupid things over the years, but none of them in my memory ever embarrassed themselves, their department and their city like Colina did, when only hours after bragging and patting himself and his department on the back for a job well done, had to come back to the microphones and say, 'Never mind.'

Colina's failure of leadership, and the source of much of the ridicule being heaped upon him by cops within his department has been his refusal to deal with the persistent examples of bad behavior by Thug In Uniform, Captain Javier Ortiz.

While it seems that the only place that Colina hasn't posed for a photo is in a bathroom holding his dick, there are those who would argue that somewhere there must a photo of Colina holding Javier Ortiz's dick while Ortiz stands there with one of his patented shit eating grins, because that could be the only reason Ortiz is able to continue doing the stupid shit he does, and get away with it.

I mean, seriously, this is what the City of Miami has become?

It's a city where the top officials, starting with the Mayor, City Manager and Chief of Police travel around the city staging photo ops, so that these photos can be posted on Twitter and Facebook, while in the real city - the city that none of these people seem to be willing to go into ALONE - day or night - without their SUV's, their police bodyguards, or their high-priced aide-de-camps whose job it is is to take the photos.

The goings on in this other city doesn't lend itself to the platitudinous bullshit that these morons keep trying to pass off as examples a competent management, and in fact, what goes on in this other Miami every day is an indictment of the lack of morals and basic humanity of these high-priced phonies.

Below are video clips that show you a reality of despair in the real Miami that belies the photo op hustle of City Manager Emilio "Colonel Klink" Gonzalez, who has now turned the Park & Beans housing project into a photo op stop for politicians with nothing better to do who are looking to burnish their street cred.

On January 23rd, I drove back to the area - in fact, I'd been driving through that area on a regular basis since my appearance before the Commission - only this time I showed up with a Dash-cam.

It was evident that as the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, because just days after I went before the Commission there was a new level of police activity to clean the place up and chase the homeless squatters away.

A month later, things had start going back to normal.

Colonel Klink, who continues to show contempt for the average citizen by thinking he's still a colonel in the Army,  would have you believe that he just happened to run into the Lt. Governor while strolling through a ghetto housing project, and decided to give him a shout out on Twitter.


On NW 1st Court, between 13th and 14th Street, there is a homeless encampment under I-395.

On January 11th of this year, I appeared before the City Commission to talk about drug dealing a block from this encampment, and how, in November of 2017, Commission Chairman had admitted at a previous Commission meeting that you could park at the corner of this encampment and watch the drug deals go down.

By May 19th, it was back to business as usual under I-395, including a woman having to pee on the sidewalk. Look to the right side of the screen as the video starts.

Unlike all the recent staged photo ops, this is the real reality on the mean streets of Miami.

Show up and make some noise at a City Commission meeting and the Mayor, the City Manager and the Chief of Police will do whatever it takes to try and make the problem disappear, until the noise dies down, and then things slide back to the way they were.

There is no real leadership, nor commitment to do anything other than to engage in a three-card-monte game with the public, or as the Chief would say, "build a safer Miami through community policing and public engagement."

In plain English this means exploiting the situation for all the political value it provides, then ignoring the problem unless, or until something else happens that brings it back to the public's attention, followed by going through the charade all over again.

That why Pork & Beans was allowed to fester for decades, and it's why Overtown was allowed to decay and become a central location for dope dealers and a dumping ground for homeless from other parts of the county, and it's why the city pisses away millions of dollars away every year on supposedly doing something of consequence about the homeless problem without any lasting examples of success, even to an issue as basic as providing portable toilets.

Homelessness is a challenging and daunting problem, but between the racism and naked antipathy towards homeless people shown by Marc Sarnoff during his years on the City Commission as evidenced by the time he was called out on national television for shutting down folks trying to feed the homeless in his District:

And when he's not posing he's shucking and jiving with his Meet & Greets.

And all the while that the killings continue, drugs are being sold openly in the streets, and the homeless are left to fend for themselves, Miami's Chief of Police can't stay away from posing for photos.

To the the ham handed violation of the Pottinger Agreement, reported by Miami New Times at a time when the City Commission has ordered the City Attorney to go into court to try and get the agreement rescinded because of all the good work that they believed the city has been doing on trying to find housing and provide services for the homeless.  Here are several recent New Times stories about the treatment of the homeless in the City of Miami that show just how big a lie that is. (HERE), (HERE), (HERE), (HERE).

The one place that Chief of Police, the Mayor or Colonel Klink will never have a   Meet & Greet is under I-395.

It's Miami, Bitches!


NUMBER 36 - MAY 24, 2018

A couple days ago I broke the story of Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Ken "Selfie Boy" Russell being under police protection, and included photos of police cars outside their houses.

At today's City Commission meeting there are now police armed with what appear to be machine guns guarding the building, and inside I've been told the Mayor is being shadowed by his body guards.

This is now a real issue of public safety!  Citizens going to City Hall have every right to know what is going on that requires all these guns and all this protection, and whether or not some nutcase is liable to start shooting while they are there!

So far, not a single member of the "real" media has said a peep, even though Joey Flechas, the Miami Herald Stenographer has been sitting in City Hall all morning, and has obviously been a witness to all of this.

UPDATE: I've received calls sayung that unknown people at City Hall are claiming that cops with machine guns have been guarding City Hall for last 5 meetings.

If they were, they must have seen me and gone and hid when I was at Commisison meeting on April 26th, to get into with with Joe Carollo, because I didn't see a single cop with a single machine gun that day!

Even if they had been there, then WHY?  

I've never seen cops with machine guns at City Hall in 9 years, so 1 meeting, or 5 meetings, why NOW, and why 4 COPS MACHINE GUNS?