A few days ago, the Miami Herald did a story - which you can read HERE - about the efforts of Coral Gables to do something about the string of the "Love Motels" at the edge of their city - most of them are on the City of Miami side of SW 8th Street -  by doing away with the ability of the motels in their city from renting rooms by the hour.

After passing their ordinance, the City of Coral Gables asked Miami for a little help, and at the last Commission meeting there was an item on the Commission agenda (RE6 - 1701), that was supposedly intended to do that, but in typical Miami fashion,

The Resolution on the agenda had nothing to do with putting and end to renting rooms by the hour, but instead called for the creation of a "Joint Enforcement Zone," task force to deal with the problems created by these establishments. How effective would these task forces be over the long run?  

That might be best answered by asking any street guy commentator standing on a corner, who grabbing his crotch would tell you, "Task Force? Here, I got your Joint Enforcement Zone Task Force right here!"

Now here's the rub,  if Miami were really serious about trying to stop the activity within the city limits, they would have followed Coral Gables lead and moved to outlaw renting rooms by the hour, in much of the same way that they're now trying to put people who rent their homes through AirB&B out of business.  

That however, would put a big dent in the money machine that the Del Rey family rely on to finance their private jet, multi-million dollars homes, fancy cars and all of the rest of the spoils that come from operating these motels.

So instead of going for an ordinance that would hurt the Del Rey's financially, the decision was made to create a task force to chase whores and pimps which really won't impact the Del Rey's bottom line in any serious way, because these task forces tend to come and go in the same way that bimbos, dope dealers, Medicare scammers and Cuban bombers have come and gone through City Hall over the years.

Conveniently, the area involved is within District 4, and so Commissioner Francis Suarez, being the kind of guy that he is, made it his responsibility to deal with this problem, but not before he received a $10,000 donation to his PAC, Miami's Future, Inc, from Julio Del Rey.  

Francis Suarez in the last year and a half has put new meaning into the whole issue of Pay For Play, making the antics of former Commissioner Marc Sarnoff look like the the activities of an amateur. In fact, a look at his campaign finance reports and the list of contributors to his PAC and it becomes readily apparent that he's running out of ass to sell on his way to becoming Miami's next bought and paid for Mayor.

In this case, the dots are right in front of you to connect.  Del Rey gave Suarez $10,000 on February 23, 2017, and on March 23, 2017, the Resolution, sponsored by Suarez, made sure that Del Rey would not have to worry about the City trying to shut down his rent-a-room by the hour motels, shifting the blame for the problem onto the witless pimps and whores who frequent Del Rey's motels.

It's a classic case of putting a dress on a pig, putting lipstick on it, and after the cops go out and bust some pimps and whores, Suarez will rush to a microphone, no doubt accompanied by Miami's biggest media whore, State Attorney Katherine 'I Don't Prosecute Politicans, Cops or Prison Guards' Fernandez-Rundle,  to hold a press conference where he will congratulate himself on how he's making the community better and safer, and don't foget to vote for him for Mayor.

And nowhere on the pages of the Miami Herald will so much as a whisper appear about this obvious example of Quid-Pro-Quo, or the fact that the most prominent member of this family, whose ownership of some of these "Love Motels," here and in Puerto Rico, helped finance her high-maintenance lifestyle and her campaign for a judgeship, is none other than Marcia "Goldilocks" Del Rey, a Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge, whose family history reads like a Miami version of the Godfather Chronicles. (My previous stories about Goldilocks and her family, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

You know what I say about these kinds of stories, right...

It's Miami, Bitches!